Long Distance Lyft Rides

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have created convenience and accessibility for passengers across the nation. Most passengers are taking short to medium-length rides in their cities.

However, what options do passengers have when they’re seeking long-distance trips? Is long-distance Lyft rides a viable option?

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Are They Worth It for Customers?

Long-distance Lyft trips can be worth it for customers. Generally speaking, rideshare services are less expensive than taxis and cabs. However, Lyft doesn’t allow as long of trips compared to other services like Uber. Here’s what you need to know about long-distance Lyft rides.

What’s the Farthest a Lyft Can Take You?

You can travel a maximum of 100 miles outside of your city’s coverage area in a Lyft. Once the ride hits 100 miles, you’ll need to request a new driver or ride. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use the same driver when you request a new one. For these reasons, Uber may be a better option when it comes to long-distance rides.

Does Lyft Support Crossing International Borders?

Long Distance Lyft Rides

Lyft does not support crossing international borders, even if the trip doesn’t exceed 100 miles. This restriction is due to specific licensing requirements that vary from country to country. Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t support crossing international borders either.

Can You Travel to Another City Using Lyft?

Yes, you can travel to another city using Lyft. However, your trip must not exceed 100 miles outside of your city’s coverage. You may need to check your route and GPS beforehand to ensure your trip is under 100 miles. You should consider using the Lyft Calculator to determine whether or not your trip fits under Lyft’s guidelines.

Can You Travel to Another State Using Lyft?

Yes, you can travel to another state using Lyft. However, the trip can not go over 100 miles outside of your city’s coverage. You may need to check your route, GPS, and cities coverage before booking a trip.

Can You Schedule a Long Distance Lyft Ride?

Yes, you can schedule a Lyft ride whether it’s over a long distance or not. You can schedule a Lyft trip up to seven days in advance. This can be beneficial and help you avoid delays when it comes time to travel. You can also use the Lyft Calculator to get a free estimate of your ride beforehand.

Do Drivers Make More With Long Distance Trips?

Lyft drivers don’t necessarily make more or less when it comes to long-distance trips. Lyft drivers still have to pay for gas, maintenance costs, and other fees along the way.

Lyft also has a maximum fare price that varies on the city, state, and location. Maximum fare prices mean drivers won’t receive any more than the designated amount for their city. For example, the maximum Lyft fare in Los Angeles is $400 for a standard ride. The maximum fare in Los Angeles is $700 for the Luxury Black Lyft rides.

You can find out your estimated ride fees by using the Lyft Calculator. Simply visit the site and enter your pickup and dropoff locations.

How Much Does a Long Distance Lyft Ride Cost?

A long-distance Lyft ride will vary in cost. The total cost will depend on your city, state, driver, and other factors. However, a ride will never exceed your location’s maximum fare price.

For example, a standard Lyft ride from Los Angeles, California, to Bakersfield, California, will cost anywhere between $200 and $220.

Another example would be from New York City to Philadelphia, which would cost around $260-$280 for a basic Lyft.

As you can see, the prices will vary slightly depending on your location. However, the total cost will never exceed your city’s maximum fare. If you’re traveling around 100 miles, you’ll probably end up spending under $300.

You can also use the Lyft Calculator to estimate your trip before booking and scheduling.

Can I Take Rides in a Different City?

You may be wondering if you can schedule rides in cities you didn’t sign up in. The answer is yes; you can take Lyfts in different cities. You can book Lyft tips as long as the city, state, and location have Lyft support. You can find the list of cities Lyft is in here.

How Much Should I Tip Long Distance Lyft Rides?

You may be wondering what the standard tip is If you’re booking a long-distance Lyft ride. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question. The answer will come down to your preferences, circumstances, and ride experience.

However, the general rule of thumb is to tip around 15-20% per trip. Long-distance rides take a lot of effort and time. Despite your driver making a bit more income, it’s best to leave a healthy tip.

For example, if your long-distance trip costs around $220, you may want to leave a $33 to $44 tip. This is a fair rate, and your driver will greatly appreciate the gratuity.

Are Long Distance Lyft Rides Worth It

Are Long Distance Lyft Rides Worth It?

Unfortunately, Lyft trips cannot exceed 100 miles outside of your city’s coverage range. This makes long-distance Lyft rides less viable compared to other services. You may want to use Uber for trips exceeding 100 miles.

However, if you’re traveling under the mile limit or to the city over, using Lyft can still be worth it. Generally speaking, rideshare services are less expensive than taxis and cabs. You can use the free Lyft Calculator to get an estimate before your trip.

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