Lyft App Keeps Crashing

Whether you’re trying to pick up new passengers or get a ride, you need a working Lyft app. If you’ve had issues with other apps, those strategies may work with Lyft.

In any case, you should know what to do if your Lyft app doesn’t work properly.

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Why Does the Lyft App Keep Crashing?

The Lyft app may keep crashing if it needs an update or if your operating system needs an update. Your device may also be low on storage, or you might have a poor connection. There may be multiple issues at play as well.

Luckily, you can usually fix the problem with a few steps. Consider a few solutions and how those may help you get back to riding or driving.

How to Keep the Lyft App From Crashing

If your Lyft app keeps crashing, it can be annoying at best. At worst, it may make you late as a passenger or cost you a high-paying ride as a driver.

Fortunately, you can try a few things to discover and fix the problem. You may need to do a few things to get your Lyft app to work, so here are some options.

Force Close

Lyft App Keeps Crashing

A quick thing that may keep the app from crashing is to force close it. On an iPhone, you’ll want to bring up the screen with all of your apps. Find the Lyft app and swipe up on it to force close the program.

If you have an Android, you’ll need to go into your Settings. Look for “Apps”, “Applications”, or “Manage apps” depending on your device. Then, you can find the Lyft app and select “Force stop” to get it to close.

Then, you can reopen the app to see if it works properly.

Use Airplane Mode

Another step that’s quick and easy is to use airplane mode. While you can’t drive or request a ride, airplane mode may help reset your connection to the app.

If the app was crashing because of your internet, you might find it works well after turning airplane mode on and back off.

Reset Your Cellular Connection

If that doesn’t work, you can go into your Settings app and turn your cellular connection off. Let it sit for a few seconds before you turn it back on again.

You can do this in your settings, and you may find it solves your problem. If it doesn’t you have more options.

Restart Your Phone

After trying a few things with no results, you might need to turn your entire phone off and on again.

However, you shouldn’t do this when you’re in the airport queue. Lyft says restarting your phone will take you out of the queue, so you’ll have to reenter it after turning your phone on.

Update the App

Your Lyft App Doesn't Have to Keep Crashing

Sometimes, the quick solutions aren’t enough to keep the Lyft app from crashing. If nothing seems to work, you should check your phone for any app updates.

You can report the issue to Lyft if your app keeps crashing. Then, they may decide to update the app to fix the problem.

Update Your Phone

If the Lyft app doesn’t have any updates, consider if your phone’s operating system has an available update. Of course, updating your phone can take a while, so this isn’t the best solution for when you need the app to work now.

However, it’s worth trying if nothing else seems to work. You can go do something else or use a friend’s phone to get a ride. Then, you can try the Lyft app later.

Review Your Storage

This may not be a common cause for the Lyft app crashing, but you should check your storage. If you’ve had your phone for a while, you may be reaching the storage maximum.

Consider how close you are to that and if that could keep the app from performing well. Then, you can look at other apps and files to determine what you can delete or move to the cloud to free up storage on your device.

Your Lyft App Doesn’t Have to Keep Crashing

The Lyft app is the perfect place to request a ride or pick up passengers. But your app may keep crashing right when you need it to work. Be sure to force close the app, reset your connection, and make any necessary updates to get the app to stop crashing.

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