Lyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

Lyft allows passengers to schedule trips seven days in advance. This is great for customers and drivers alike. Drivers get to pre-accept rides creating routine, schedule, and structure for themselves.

However, some Lyft drivers have reported their scheduled pickups disappearing from the app. This experience can be greatly frustrating and confusing. So, what gives?

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Why Did My Scheduled Lyft Pickup Disappear?

There are multiple reasons why your scheduled Lyft pickup could disappear. These reasons will depend on whether or not you’re a driver or passenger. The customer could have declined the scheduled pickup at the last minute. The driver could decline as well. Let’s look into it further.

Scheduled Pickups for Drivers

Lyft allows drivers to claim trips in advance with their scheduled pickups program. Drivers can see the estimated earnings, pickup site, and drop-off locations before accepting the ride.

Lyft will send its drivers a notification when it’s time to start traveling to the customer pickup site. Drivers must sign into the app and accept their scheduled pickup time frames before beginning.

Scheduled Pickups and Cancellations

Lyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

Lyft will notify drivers when a customer cancels a scheduled ride. If a customer cancels after you’ve accepted a ride, the standard Lyft cancellation policy will come into effect. The same cancellation agreement will apply if you cancel a scheduled pickup.

Cancellations charges can be larger if the customer schedules a trip more than 20 minutes in advance. The minimum cancellation fee will vary depending on your city, state, and location.

Why Did It Disappear?

There are multiple causes for a scheduled pickup to disappear. Some of these causes can be passenger cancellations, software issues, and internet connectivity problems. Let’s look into these factors a bit further.

Passenger Cancellations

Unfortunately, your scheduled pickup may have disappeared due to a passenger canceling the trip. A passenger can cancel the trip after you accept the ride. They can cancel at any time before you arrive, even if you’re only five minutes away.

You may receive a reimbursement depending on the circumstances. However, the fee will vary depending on your location, market, and circumstances.

Software Issues

Software or app issues are some reasons your scheduled pickup could suddenly disappear. This can be a frustrating experience, leading to confusion for drivers and passengers alike.

To avoid this problem, be sure your Lyft driver app is updated to the latest version. Consider force restarting the app to see if that resolves the problem. You can also restart your phone to see if that helps. When in doubt, you can contact Lyft support and speak with an agent for further assistance.

Internet Issues

Like app and software bugs, internet connectivity problems can cause frustrating experiences. Your scheduled pickup may not be visible due to a lack of an internet connection.

Be sure you’re connected to a properly working internet network. Check your WiFi to see if you have a stable connection. Try using your phone carrier’s data to see if that resolves the issue.

Consider placing your phone in airplane mode for 30 seconds and then reconnecting. You can also try restarting your Lyft driver app and phone to see if that helps.

As always, you can contact Lyft customer support to speak with a representative for further assistance.

Should I Accept Scheduled Pickups?

If you’re running into issues with scheduled Lyft rides, you may be wondering if they’re actually worth it. Some Lyft drivers claim they never accept scheduled rides and that they are rarely worth the hassle.

Other drivers use scheduled pickups to help set a routine and structure. The answer will come down to your preferences, market, location, and circumstances. However, it may be best to take a break if you keep running into errors with scheduled pickups and trips.

What if My Passenger No-Shows?

You could run into the scenario where your passenger didn’t cancel the scheduled ride but didn’t show up. Here’s what Lyft recommends doing in this circumstance:

  1. Tap the arrive button when you arrive at the pickup location
  2. Wait for the passenger until the timer countdown reaches 0:00. Don’t move from the pickup location.
  3. Contact your passenger through the app, text, or phone call. Respond if they contacted you.
  4. Cancel the trip by selecting the Passenger is a no-show option. Select and confirm.
  5. Go about your day or business as usual.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive a no-show fee if you’re too far from the pickup location. You wouldn’t receive a no-show fee if you arrived more than five minutes late as well.

My Lyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

My Lyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

If you’re a driver, you may have experienced a scheduled pickup suddenly disappearing from the Lyft app. This can be caused by a customer canceling the scheduled pickup at the last minute. App, software, and internet connectivity issues may also be the cause of disappearing trips.

You’re mostly out of luck If the customer declined or canceled the scheduled trip. You may need to update your Lyft driver app or restart it if you’re experiencing bugs. Be sure to check your internet connection as well and ensure it’s stable. When in doubt, you can always contact Lyft customer support for further assistance.

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