Lyft Sticker Replacement

You’ll receive a Welcome Kit when you get approved to drive for Lyft. One of the items you receive is the Lyft Sticker or Emblem.

The Lyft Emblem is required by law in some states, cities, and locations. This makes it troubling for drivers when they lose or misplace their Lyft Stickers. Here’s how to receive a replacement.

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How Do I Get Another Lyft Sticker?

There are multiple ways to order another Lyft sticker. The primary method is by utilizing the Lyft Driver App. First, go to your Dashboard. Then click on Vehicles. From there, select Documents and Supplies. You should see the Lyft emblem listed and an order button.

How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

How long it takes for your replacement Lyft sticker or emblem to arrive will depend on various factors. However, it should take around 1-2 weeks for your logo to arrive on your doorstep. This timeframe may vary when you ordered a replacement, your location, etc.

Do I Need a Lyft Emblem to Drive?

Lyft Sticker Replacement

Yes, you need a Lyft Emblem in most cities, states, and locations. The Lyft sticker or emblem will aid passengers in locating your vehicle and keep you in acceptance with local jurisdiction.

The sticker should be positioned near the bottom-right corner of your vehicle’s windshield. You may also need to show the symbol in a clear or transparent sleeve near the interior of your windshield

This will depend on your location. You can check your local state and town regulations for more information.

What if I Don’t Have a Lyft Emblem?

You have options If you’re waiting for your Welcome Kit, a replacement, or simply don’t have a Lyft Emblem on hand. Lyft recommends printing out a temporary emblem and placing it on your windshield while you wait for your replacement to arrive. They recommend printing it in full color to be in compliance with your local jurisdiction.

What Other Ways Can I Get a Replacement Lyft Sticker?

As mentioned earlier, there are other ways to receive a Lyft Emblem or replacement sticker. One of those ways is to visit your local Lyft Hub. There should be a Driver Center or Lyft Hub in one of the cities in your state.

From there, you may need to schedule an appointment or simply walk in person. You may need to ask for an additional, replacement, or temporary stickers and placards. Be sure to check your local Hub’s hours of operations before heading over.

Do I Need Any Other Stickers or Placards?

Lyft only requires drivers to use a Lyft Sticker or Emblem if their state requires it. However, Lyft also offers other stickers, placards, and emblems for their drivers.

Bikes and Scooter Stickers

Lyft provides its drivers with a sticker for bikes and scooters. This sticker isn’t required by law in most states. However, Lyft says this sticker can increase safety for people using bikes and scooters. They recommend placing the sticker on the back of your vehicle, whether that be on the windshield or the rear bumper.

Airport Placards

Lyft also supplies airport placards in specific scenarios and locations. These placards or documentation may be necessary for particular areas and circumstances. Lyft recommends searching your city and state to see if you need an airport placard.


The Lyft Amp is a glowing emblem for eligible drivers. Lyft claims the Amp can help passengers identify vehicles and ensure smoother pick-up and drop-up procedures. Unfortunately, the Lyft Amp has been temporarily paused across the United States. Lyft states that it will reach out to eligible drivers when the pause has been lifted. It’s unsure when that might be.

Can I Get Another Lyft Sticker

Can I Get Another Lyft Sticker?

You can receive another Lyft Sticker by using the Lyft Driver App. First, go to your Dashboard. Then click on Vehicles. From there, select Documents and Supplies. You should see the Lyft emblem listed and an order button. You can also go to your local Lyft Hub to receive a temporary or replacement emblem.

You can also print out a temporary sticker to place on your windshield if you’re waiting for a replacement or can’t access your local Lyft Hub. Lyft recommends printing these out in full color and ditching them when your replacement sticker arrives.

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