Promotion Codes Are Not Available for This Account on Uber Eats

It can be so frustrating and confusing when Uber Eats gives you the message that “Promotion codes are not available for this account.” What does this mean and how can you resolve the problem?

We’ll delve into this issue more in the article below.

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Uber Eats Promotion Codes Not Available for This Account

There are several reasons why Uber Eats might let you know that a promotion code is not available for this account. Usually, it’s because Uber Eats tries to detect duplicate accounts. It’s also possible that the code has expired, or that your order did not meet the promotion’s requirements.

Uber Eats Tries to Detect Multiple Accounts

A common reason for receiving the message “Promotion codes are not available for this account,” is that Uber Eats has detected information that leads its system to believe that you may have set up multiple accounts, and so is now blocking promotions on your account.

Sometimes people set up multiple accounts in order to get a “first order” promotion more frequently than just for their actual first order. Other times, people might forget that they set up an Uber Eats account in the past and then set up a new one.

In either case, Uber Eats does not want to give out multiple “first time” promotions to the same customers, and so have several ways of attempting to determine if this is the case.

Uber Eats is now part of huge publicly traded technology company, answering to many stockholders and investors. They aggressively look after their profit margins and bottom line, and part of this strategy includes having technology and systems in place to detect fake multiple accounts by the same user.

Red Flags for Multiple Uber Eats Accounts

Promotion Codes Are Not Available for This Account Uber Eats.

Some red flags for Uber Eats’ system in catching multiple accounts for the same user include duplicate billing information in their system, or possibly a delivery address that is the same for more than one user.

Other red flags that might point to multiple accounts for the same user could also include the same phone number and/or email address for more than one account.

Uber Eats might even recognize a specific device, especially if fingerprint or facial recognition ID is used. There are other unique identifiers for devices that Uber Eats may be able to detect, as well.

Uber Eats and Uber Account Overlap

Promotion Codes Are Not Available for This Account Uber Eats

Besides creating multiple accounts for the same user, there is also the issue of one user using both an Uber account and an Uber Eats account.

Unfortunately, in Uber’s system, many users report that Uber will consider a person an existing user (rather than a new user) for both divisions even if they have only used one service in the past.

In other words, a person who has already set up an Uber driving account may get a message that they do not qualify for a promotion such as the “$20 off First Order” for an Uber Eats food delivery.

This seems like more of an oversight in Uber’s app programming rather than a fair application of their rules, so if you think this may be why a promotion code did not work for you, try reaching out to Uber Eats using one of the methods listed above to ask them to fix the promotion code error.

Another way to reach them, especially for something that may be affecting many people adversely and unfairly is to contact Uber Eats via twitter, at @UberEats or @Uber_Support. Be aware, however, that this will share your complaint or question publicly online.

How to Fix a Promo Code Not Working

The first step to fixing a promo code not working is usually to determine why it’s not working. Once you have figured out the reason for the promo code not working, you can troubleshoot to solve the problem.

If after a little bit of research into the reason why a promotion code was not working, you then determine that there was actually a valid reason for it not working, then there will not really be anything that you can do in that case.

If it is a case of the code being expired, however, you can search for an updated code. Certain apps or sites such as, Coupert, RetailMeNot and others all claim to do this for you by finding, testing, and then automatically applying the best and most current online coupons or promotions.

On the other hand, if the reason for the code not working is either not a valid reason or due to an error, then you can reach out to Uber Eats to ask them to help solve the problem.

You can reach Uber Eats by calling them at 800-253-9377 or 800-253-6882.

Another alternative for reaching them is by logging onto the Uber Eats app and then going to the help section. First go to “Help,” then “Trip Issues.” Next select, “I would like a refund,” and finally select “My promo code didn’t work.”

One more option for reaching Uber Eats for help is to email them at

More Troubleshooting for Promo Code Not Available for This Account Uber Eats

Uber’s website has a troubleshooting page to address some of these issues. This page goes into greater detail about the various reasons that a promo code might not be working.

A common issue that they note is that if your account should be eligible for a specific promotion, you will be notified directly through an email or push notification and/or an SMS/text message.

If you received a code that was forwarded to you from a friend or that you saw on the internet, your personal account might not actually be eligible for this promotion. This is important to note and can clear up a lot of frustration about why a code might not be working for you.

Make Sure the Code, App, and Operating System are Current

Promotion Codes Are Not Available for This Account Uber Eats_

Uber’s promo code troubleshooting page also reminds users to carefully check the expiration date for a code and the promotion criteria. Applicable (or disqualifying) criteria could include the product, the city, the payment method, order amount, and whether it is for pick-up or delivery.

The promotion code expiration date can be verified by going to your app and selecting “Menu,” then “Payments,” and then “Promotions.” (Make sure you have the most current version of the app.) If the promotion is still valid, you will see it there.

Uber also reminds its users to check to see if they may have already used the code. You can verify this in your order history.

Finally, make sure that your phone’s operating system and your Uber Eats app are both updated to the most current versions available. After doing this, close out of the app completely, then open it and try the promotional code again.

Why Uber Eats Promotion Codes Are Not Available for This Account

There are a few reasons why Uber Eats would state, “Promotion code is not available for this account.” Most often, it’s because Uber Eats tries detected a suspected duplicate account. Another possibility is that your order didn’t meet the requirements of the promotion, or that the code is expired.

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