7 Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks

It is no secret that DoorDash sucks but why they suck is an entirely different ball game.

doordash sucks

If you want to know why DoorDash sucks it must be because you haven’t used DoorDash before because if you had you would definitely know why DoorDash sucks.

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Why Does Doordash Suck?

Doordash sucks because there are many problems with the app, that doesn’t seem to be solvable. Drivers get a low pay compared to how hard their work is. In addition, there are problems with the apps, drivers and customers. In fact all food delivery apps are like this.

1. Doordash is Expensive

One reason DoorDash sucks is because they are so expensive. They charge all kinds of fees as if you don’t already have the task of paying for your food. With DoorDash, there is a delivery fee, service fee, and whatever your order costs.

While the fees vary with each order, those few dollars can quickly add up if you order from them a lot. Before you know it, your order total is way higher than you imagined it would be. You’re probably thinking that food should not be this expensive and I agree.

Expensive food is not the way to go. DoorDash is a scam, a fraud, and certainly a rip off. And they deserve none of it because they do not care about their customers.

No one wants to go broke just to have something to eat. This should never be the issue especially when there’s competition out there that would beat them. It seems that DoorDash believes they don’t have much competition so they can get away with anything.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are better alternatives out there that beat DoorDash by a ballpark.

2. Doordash is Very Slow

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks

DoorDash is so very slow when it comes to delivering orders to customers. From the time you place an order to the time you receive it, there may be several hours in between. And that is if you even get the food in the first place.

DoorDash is known for having workers who eat your food. Yes, I said it, they will pick your food up from the restaurant, eat it and not think twice about it. They will also leave you waiting on the food for absolutely no reason.

3. Sometimes They Bring Cold Food

Because DoorDash is so slow, they are also known for bringing their customers cold food. Who wants cold food. Think about the fries, burgers and anything else that is supposed to be hot but is now cold thanks to the DoorDash driver who took their sweet time with your food.

If you are anything like me, you hate cold food. Unless it is a food that is supposed to be cold, you likely want your food to be hot or warm at the least and this is usually not the case.

4. You Might Get Wrong Orders

So many people have complained about getting the wrong orders. They have to wait a very long time for their food and then when it finally comes they learn that it is not what they ordered. The restaurant may have messed up or the DoorDash driver may have messed up and grabbed the wrong food.

Either way, it is not the customer’s fault but that is how DoorDash treats its customers like they did something wrong to get a wrong order. Not only that but they do not want to fix the issues that they create.

5. Doordash Is Unwilling to Fix Issues

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks_

DoorDash is always doing something to rub their customers the wrong way but they don’t do anything to fix it. Even when it is clear that whatever happened is their fault, they still don’t try to resolve any issues. You can contact them about your issue and they will probably give you the runaround.

6. Dashers Might Eat Your Food

That is a big issue and it is so big I feel like I have to touch on it a little more. DoorDash drivers should know better than to eat a customer’s food but they obviously don’t because they do it all the time. And it seems that DoorDash does nothing to punish people who do things like this.

Sometimes they don’t eat all of the food but they eat enough that the customer may not even notice. This is wrong that you have to wonder if someone has been eating the food that you paid an arm and a leg for. It is just not right and it is wrong on so many levels.

7. Doordash Fails to Notify

Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks.-

DoorDash always fails to notify customers when something goes wrong with their order.

Maybe the order isn’t coming for whatever reason and you would think that DoorDash would pick up the phone and call or at least send a text. However, they leave room for worry and speculation because they do not notify the customer when something is wrong.

There is a lot of bad blood between DoorDash and past customers and that is all because of how DoorDash chooses to handle situations. It is not that hard to do right by your customers. They shouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense.

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21 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why DoorDash Sucks”

  1. “They treat the customers as if they did something wrong” you guys did do something wrong you tip like shit your food will come there like shit. No one wants to drive 8 miles for 8$ no one wants to drive 4$ for 15 miles. We dashers rely on strict tips. The service fees and delivery fees don’t even come to us. And a lot of you stingy people and even the rich people they have all this money and can’t tip. So if you wonder why we’re slow and your food is cold that’s why

    • Lol, prefect example of a typical Dasher. Nothing in the article was wrong. DoorDash is WELL known for being terrible no matter how much you tip. Company is only where it is because of COVID.

  2. You guys need to treat dashers like waiters. Or just know why your food is cold

    • Same. Treat shitty delivery drivers like shitty delivery drivers and know why YOU don’t get tipped…

      But Aidan, you’re not a waiter or waitress (which is antiquated, sexist terminology, but I digress) Aidan… you’re not even a SERVER, so why should you be tipped as such?
      The restaurant does pretty much everything- preps, makes, packages and you pick up to deliver. I mean, Wow, shit is tough everywhere.
      If you suck as a delivery driver and feel entitled to receive a tip because OMG, you had to drive 4, 8, 15, 20 miles for a shit tip? Then don’t do it. If the app sucks, the driver who delivers has a crybaby, shitty attitude AND sucks, and the food is cold or has been tainted by an immoral delivery driver who legitimately attempts to rationalize why any wrongdoing done by them in retaliation is technically deserved and acceptable, then you’re a lost cause.

      Thank goodness I’ve had good people delivering who actually cared about what they did but used Doodash as a side hustle because they were still in college or looking to make extra $$ because of a new baby they had to support.

      You’ll be pissed because this is true- But who needs the truth? Or college educations? Or hard work?
      Stop crying about it. Act to change your mentality and situation as to why you’d need such a shitty job with no wage and only tips. McDonald’s pays better than that.

  3. DoorDash is a f’n joke and I tried them twice and that was two times too many. I hope they go under tomorrow. The dashers were lazy f’n losers.

  4. I even asked about the delivery fee goi g to the drivers and their CS said it has the proper costing . . What? Are you f’n serious? Even bigger losers in corporate! If the CEO of DoorDash was here I’d pummel the shit out of him. Hey pansy ass Tony – hope you f’n choke on your order greedy prick!

  5. Yea mist dashers want to beat by the f**k out of the owners for good reason

  6. @Aidan

    No bro – i tip, and i tip WELL, above ALL the default options that doordash recommends, every time.

    Dashers arent the only problem, but some of them really suck.

    Whats been more of a problem for me is the doordash system going down seemingly regularly, food that is constantly incorrect or missing things — and no one letting you know an order isn’t coming until its way too late to try and order again from another place or service — making you go damn hungry and having to make your own food you did not plan on, while on low blood sugar already waiting over an hour and paying for your own food already!

    Also they give you the runaround on refunds — you have to escalate like 3 times to get an actual refund instead of just shitty doordash credit — and even then, it will take over a week to get that refund (if it ever comes, im pretty sure they’ve completely stolen from me after promising my refund was coming)

  7. Doordash is a clown outfit!
    Two orders in the past week their runners screwed up. Not the vendors fault, the drivers negligence! You will probably get some freshman like public relations response from Doordash and they’ll guarantee a refund. Cancel your credit card and let your issuer these are not anything but sophisticated crooks!

  8. DoorDash sucks for customer service, as they use that term pretty loosely. Waited an hour and a half before they canceled the order saying the restaurant was closed and it was not, in fact it was still open for an hour after the fact. I called the restaurant and they said the dasher was asked to wait a moment and they just left but not before reporting that the restaurant was closed. I always tip well and as someone who has waited tables in his lifetime I feel ripped off with dasher attitudes like I experienced with this particular order. All you had to do was wait couple of minutes but thats too much to ask for. What makes it worse is the actual DD customer service lies, like I cannot call an establishment and check to see if it is really closed or not. True customer service goes beyond just making excuses, thats not a service. If they’d make an effort to rush an order or make you a priority that would be service. Instead, I’ll wait for a week for them to refund my money, have to start over trying to get food for three starving adults and just get a “sorry, sucks to be you” in return. Screw that. They’re a California based company and it seems that when you are in Oklahoma they think everyone here is a hick or a rube. Its all good though, this hick knows how to navigate and file complaints with the BBB of California and convince the restaurant owners I know to drop DD service.

  9. DoorDash drivers are failures who can’t even work at a Wal-Mart. Seriously, they can’t read numbers, they’re rude and they always deliver to the wrong place.

  10. The Dashers keep stealing your food, if you complain too much about it they stop refunding!!!;
    I’m sorry too many Dashers stole your food, we can no longer compensate but we will make a note so it stops!!!

  11. Door dash sucks. The company has gone to crap in a paper bag!

  12. I’ve been dashing full time over 2 years, I have almost 7,000 deliveries, never not made a delivery, I kick azz but the app is so trashy, I’m going to have to find another job soon, people are leaving doordash in droves because Silicon Valley sucks azzhole

  13. Doordash also sucks for us food service workers. Dashers regularly abuse us and disrupt our store, to the point where we are considering canceling all app-based orders entirely. In my mind, most dashers lack all social awareness and soft skills to the point of being completely unemployable outside of the gig economy. Go figure as to why the worst people dash…

  14. They are so bad now. It’s not just the dashers, it’s their billing and app. I was happy with them for over a year but for some reason, the past few months, everything has gone to crap.. billing, delivery, order issues, etc. I cancelled.

  15. I just tipped a dasher higher than min suggested and the delivery was less than a mile. An item was missing so clearly they don’t verify or check anything. Dasher wouldn’t go back and get the item. It’s the most inconvenient service that was made solely for convenience. They refund the money for the item but not the tip and someone in your family doesn’t have their food. When the whole point of your business is to offer a convenience you need a better solution than a refund. Door Dash is a maker of Karens. I like that they employ people, but I hate that they have no standards. I am slamming the door and locking it forever on door dash.

  16. Last week I delivered food and sent pic in app to customer and customer accused me of stealing their food…had proof. Doordash doesn’t give an f about the drivers and screws over customers. They hide tips so we have no idea the full payout til order is done. Training for a new job. No respect and customers are getting away with stealing food and getting rewarded for it!

  17. What absolutely fries my brain, is having to tip someone before they actually get the order to my home. How many times I wanted to revoke the tip for slow, terrible service, crappy attitudes, and complete inattention while dropping off (face stuck in phone/not even acknowledging the customer (me)).
    Or the “place and order, money withdrawn from card, order immediately canceled” business. Which allows them to hold my money for a couple or so days.
    And then there’s the insane upcharge on menu prices.
    The reason inflation is so bad is greed. Companies like doordash contribute heavily.

  18. did you know being a delivery driver is one of the most dangerous jobs? you can get robbed/car accidents/you pay for all your own car maintenance…gotta do your own taxes. yet some douchebag bartenders get 5$ for pouring you a beer.

  19. DoorDash’s biggest issue is driver pay. And sometimes drivers blame the customer for not tipping enough, I get it. But the customers don’t see what the drivers get.

    Most orders that come through are literally $2-4 dollars for more miles than 2-4. If a driver wants to grab them and hustle and make their hour doing 5-6 of those orders, good luck to them. But for most people, it’s not worth the pick up, and definitely not worth waiting 10-15 minutes for the restaurant to finish your order.

    From the customer side, DoorDash basically Ticketmaster’s you with a ton of fees that nearly doubled your order price once you’re ready for check out. They also push low cost in their advertising. So most customers assume some of those exorbitant fees go to the drivers, they do not.

    The result is the most desperate people who can’t work anywhere else being the only ones willing to take the orders, and at those rates, they literally don’t give a damn. You won’t get good service.

    In my area, UberEats pays way better. To get a $10-$15 order from DoorDash I’d have to drive 20 miles. UberEats pays me $10-15 all day to remain in town or just one town over (Palo Alto CA) and the tips are way better.

    It’s been weeks since I’ve accepted a DoorDash order, and I will make anywhere from $100-$250 a day with UberEats when I want to.

    Shitting on delivery people isn’t nice. Most of us do have other jobs and use this for extra money to supplement. We do put up with more than you’d think and it’s not a job for flunkies or dropouts. But these services will get and retain better people with better pay.

    What DoorDash offers is ludicrous , and it’s the main reason the service is so bad. Some of it is trips, but most of it is on them for their model.

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