Should I Use A Rental Car For Doordash?

Should I Use A Rental Car For Doordash?

If you are serious about becoming a DoorDash driver. You may be wondering if it is worth the expenses to rent a car to deliver in.

This is a big decision to make that comes with plenty of extra expenses. So, you want to be certain that you are making the best decision in your interest as a food deliverer.

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Is It Worthwhile to Rent a Car for DoorDash?

Renting a car to use for Doordash is a very personal option that many Dashers probably consider. Is it going to pay off for everyone? Most likely not.

Will it save you money in the end? Only if you live in a high delivery area with good prices.

Many Dashers get pushed into using a rented car because they have no car of their own. This can be a very realistic option if you plan on working a lot on DoorDash.

This is also a good option if you worry about the state of your own car. There’s nothing worse than breaking down mid-delivery.

On the other hand, you are paying a substantial fee each week to rent a car. Which will quickly begin to eat away at your earnings.

This can be especially worrying if you cannot get high-paying deliveries or live in a slow area.

These are the reasons why renting a car to deliver in is so personal. Because whether or not it is worth it will depend solely on why you make the decision.

What Are The Benefits of Renting a DoorDash Car?

One of the biggest reasons why serious Dashers rent cars is because of mileage. They may have a vehicle of their own but do they want to wear it out?

You can quickly begin to tire your car out, making deliveries here and there day in and day out. It will rank up the mileage on your car and make it wear out much faster.

For the big earners, this is more than enough reason to rent a car to deliver in. though you could always look into buying a car as well.

If you are a top earner on DoorDash it might actually save you money to buy a new vehicle every few years.

It all depends on how many deliveries you get, how much you earn, and where you deliver to. These factors are what will help you to decide on whether to rent or not to rent.

Can I DoorDash Without a Car?

There is no official DoorDash policy that states that you must have a car to work for them. This is a huge perk for many deliverers who do not own their own vehicles.

This means that you can walk deliveries, rent a car, use a bicycle, or take public transportation.

The major downside to this, however, is that your delivery times will not be as good. You just can’t make it at the same time unless you are actually delivering in a vehicle.

Not having a vehicle can also substantially limit what orders you can take. They may need to be within biking or walking distance in order for you to complete them.

These kinds of restrictions can really limit your delivery options. Making it harder to rake in those big bucks that you want.

This is often where renting a car becomes a good option for when you have no other vehicle.

Will DoorDash Cover My Car Expenses?

DoorDash will not cover any of your personal expenses. And believe it or not, this includes things like gas and driving fees.

DoorDash does not cover any of these necessary expenses, which means that you will have to cover them for yourself.

This means that if you do decide to rent a car to use for deliveries. This expense is coming purely out of your own pocket.

That is why this is an option best for those who are making more than the average DoorDash income per week. Because you want to make enough to cover the car cost as well as have enough money to take home.

Dashers that live in larger areas tend to choose this option more as they have an abundance of high-paying orders. If you live in a small area, you may not make enough weekly to warrant renting a car.

Should I Rent a Car for DoorDash?

Whether you rent a car or not for DoorDash is going to come down to personal decision. Whether or not you personally think it will be worth it.

Some Dashers swear by it, while others say it is a waste of money. It all depends on your personal circumstances. And what your long-term goals are.

If you are a serious Dasher that is making a top income with DoorDash. It might be well worth the extra expense to drive around in a rented car instead of your own.

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