Returning Stolen Items to Lowes

If you have stolen items from Lowes, you may be wondering if you can simply return these stolen items and get a refund. This is a common cam that many people have successfully done, though it is getting harder to pull off.

Stores are getting smarter and are more guarded when it comes to returns due to this very issue. It has been too easy for people to steal items only to go back and return them for a cash refund, resulting in better security and a smarter system.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can return stolen items to Lowes and if it is worth it or not.

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Can I Return Stolen Items to Lowes?

If you are in possession of stolen items from Lowes, you may be wondering if you can return these items without being caught. While this is not uncommon, it can be risky as most stores can tell if items are stolen.

stealing item from lowes

Whether you stole the items yourself and later felt regret or were tricked into doing it by someone else, it is a bad idea. Returning stolen goods is like putting a target on your back and walking into the store.

Because stolen items do not have receipts, you will have to hope that your return will be accepted. Some staff might be more suspicious than others and look further into the return.

This can lead to some very big issues if you have returned goods that Lowes can tell have been stolen. Returning stolen goods is not going to simply erase the fact that they have been stolen.

Lowes still has every right to take legal action and can report you if it believes you have returned stolen goods. Though this isn’t always straightforward, it can happen and result in some pretty serious charges.

Overall, it isn’t worth returning stolen items to Lowes and thinking that you can get away with it. You may at first, but eventually, your luck will run out.

Can Lowes Tell if Returned Items Are Stolen?

Lowes is often able to identify if items are stolen or not when they are being returned. For one thing, you don’t have a receipt which can immediately become an issue, though it isn’t a dealbreaker.

Lowes may also look at other things that are pointing to your suspicion, such as:

  • Frequent returns
  • Large amounts of small items returned
  • Never having a receipt
  • Everything unopened
  • Loitering around the store
  • Appearing nervous

These are some things that could easily make you look more suspicious to Lowes employees. They will usually ask for some other way of identifying that you bought the item if you don’t have a receipt.

This usually includes checking the card that you used to pay for the purchase. This makes it almost impossible to explain why your card is not showing that the item was bought with it.

Many Lowes will also ask for your ID to put into their database. This will help them to keep track of who is returning what and how frequently.

Too many returns, and they will either get suspicious, or you could be barred from making any more returns.

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Will Lowes Accept Returns Without Receipts?

Lowes will commonly accept returns without a receipt because it is hard for customers to hold onto receipts. This is common in stores like Lowes as people are buying lumber and home parts that they may not have time to keep track of their receipts.

Especially when they are frequently buying large amounts of supplies. Because of this, Lowes will usually just need to check the card that you made the purchase with.

It will look to see if the card you give was used for that item, and that will serve as your proof without a receipt. They will also ask for an ID just to keep track of how many returns you make on average.

These are just some of the ways that Lowes has buckled down on stolen merchandise being returned. This has been a big issue in the past, resulting in the need for a smarter system and higher standards.

Now it is harder than ever to return stolen goods without being caught and punished for it.

Can Stolen Items be Returned to Lowes?

If you have stolen items from Lowes, you may want to try to return them for the money or from a guilty conscience. The reality is that this is a very risky thing to do and often backfires badly.

Stores are much wiser to these kinds of theft nowadays and have different things in place to prevent them. You can’t just walk up without proof of having bought the item anymore and get a cash refund.

More than ever, people are getting caught for trying to do this scam, and the punishment just isn’t worth the risk.

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