Uber Eats Checkout Not Working

So you go to checkout and place your order and you get some sort of error message. You aren’t sure what’s going on. All you know is that you are unable to place your order with UberEats.

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UberEats sometimes has issues with customers not being able to place orders. There is no specific explanation as to what is happening when the delivery app doesn’t let customers checkout. There are a few things that may be wrong and that’s the reason you can’t checkout.

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UberEats Won’t Let Me Place An Order

When UberEats won’t let you checkout or place an order, you should know that it is not the platform itself blocking you specifically from placing an order.

Some people think there is something wrong with their account and that is why they can’t place an order with UberEats. This is the case only half of the time.

When there is something wrong with your account, you should go back and check your account for any errors that may be stopping you from checking out.

One error that would prevent you from checking out is entering the wrong card information. If the card won’t go through because of incorrect information, it is expired, or for any other reason, you won’t be able to checkout and place an order.

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Another reason you may be unable to checkout is that there is a glitch or system outage. It is not unheard of for UberEats to crash and prevent regular functions such as checking out from operating correctly.

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The system outage is usually only temporary and chances are that UberEats is currently assessing and working on the issue.

UberEats won’t let you place an order if there is some sort of ban on your account. This is not likely the case.

The main way that your account would come under the scope of UberEats and get banned is if there were some sort of fraudulent activity taking place on the account.

Clear Checkout On UberEats

To remove everything from your cart on UberEats you will have to be on the Checkout screen. You can get here by clicking on the profile icon and then you should see everything that is in your cart. Now, you can swipe left or right and select delete to get rid of everything in your cart.

UberEats Is Not Accepting Orders On Android Device

The big problem with UberEats not accepting orders or allowing customers to checkout is said to be happening on Android devices. Apple products may be experiencing the same trouble but the talk is about the Androids. So UberEats is not accepting your order that you are trying to place on an Android device.The first thing you should do is check your payment method. You may have entered a payment method that has insufficient funds on it. Or the payment method on your account is expired and therefore is not working.

The issue may not be with your Android device in itself but there could be a glitch in the system that is impacting only Android devices. You will want to restart your device and if that doesn’t work you should uninstall and reinstall the app.

Other problems that you might encounter is that Uber Eats doesn’t deliver your food (here is how long it can take) and what to do if the food is missing.

Here Is What You Should Do

First, check that all of your information has been entered correctly. You may have entered an address that UberEats can’t find or the address is not the same as the one on your account. There could be something as simple as a typo in your address or payment method.

With your payment method, you could have entered some wrong numbers and now your card information is incorrect. The way to fix this is to go back in and update your card information. Even if the card information is correct, you should probably delete your payment method and then reenter it.

Sometimes there is a glitch in the system that can easily be fixed by deleting and reentering items. Your order may be with a restaurant that is temporarily closed. It was open but for some reason, it closed shop before you were able to finish your order.

While this is a very rare occurrence, it could happen. You should double-check that the restaurant is open and accepting orders. If it is, then there is something else wrong with your order and you should keep trying to figure out what the issue is.

You could try waiting on the system to come back up if it appears to be a system outage. All you have to do is perform a Google search and see if an outage has been reported on UberEats. If an outage has been reported you will have to wait until the system comes back up to checkout.

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