UberEats Missing Food

UberEats Missing Food

You wait so long for your order to come and when it finally arrives you realize that some of your food is missing. You want to know what happened and where the rest of your order is. There are a few steps you can take to learn about your order.

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Where Is My Food?

Your order is missing some items and you want to know where it is. The delivery driver brings you some of the food you order but not everything. This is not acceptable.

It is possible that the restaurant messed up your order and left out some food items. The delivery driver obviously didn’t check the order to make sure everything was in there. So not only is this the fault of the restaurant but also the UberEats driver.

It is the responsibility of the UberEats driver to check the order. So when they don’t and they bring the food to you and there are missing items, this falls on UberEats. Your food may have been eaten by the delivery driver.

Yes, it has been reported that delivery drivers, including UberEats drivers, are guilty of eating the customer’s food. It is not always the fault of the restaurant when order items are missing. Sometimes it is the delivery driver who has eaten up the food and that’s sad.

What To Do When My Order Is Missing Food?

When your order is missing food you can try reaching out. First, contact the restaurant where you placed your order. So if you placed an order with McDonald’s then you should call this McDonald’s and ask about your order.

You should have received an order number when you placed your order. Give the restaurant this order number when you call so they can look the order up. It is very likely that they aren’t going to accept the blame for the screwup.

They’ll probably claim that they put everything in the bag and tell you to reach out to the delivery driver. Or they may tell you to come to the restaurant to get the missing items. It would be nice if you could send UberEats back out to get it but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

You may not feel that it is worth having to go out and pick up items from your order that you paid to have delivered. This is true and I don’t blame you. The reality though is that UberEats is not good about owning up when they mess up and therefore they are going to deny everything and make you seem like you are crazy.

Will UberEats Refund Me for Missing Food?

Nine times out of ten, no. UberEats will not refund you or give you a credit for missing food. They will point the finger and shift the blame to the delivery driver. Now mind you, the delivery driver works for them as a gig worker so why is it not their responsibility when their delivery person doesn’t check the order?

It is their responsibility whether they want to accept the blame or not. UberEats should be making sure their delivery drivers know what to do and how to receive an order. Before ever leaving the restaurant, the order should be checked to make sure everything is there.

If it is not, the delivery driver should take the food back to the restaurant and request the missing items. It is likely that UberEats has some policy where the delivery driver doesn’t have to check the order. This is bad business for UberEats and their customers.

Something should be done about this and new policies and rules should be put in place. You can call UberEats and ask for a refund because of the missing items. I’ll just say don’t get your hopes up because they are most likely not going to want to refund you.

You can expect that UberEats will not accept their fault in the matter. They are going to blame the restaurant and tell you that there is nothing they can do about the situation. They may even tell you to reach out to the restaurant.

What To Do When UberEats Won’t Give Refund?

So UberEats won’t give you a refund or a credit. You should reach out to higher-ups. It is important that UberEats compensate you for missing items.

Especially when you have ordered numerous times and each time there was something missing from your order. They can’t keep getting away with things like this. So you should talk to the UberEats supervisor and if this doesn’t work you should reach out to corporate.

A simple Google search can help you find the corporate support phone number. If UberEats won’t do anything, I can guarantee you that corporate will. They will not play about their customers being unsatisfied.

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