UberEats Cold Food

UberEats Cold Food

Cold food sucks. It really is a horrible thing to eat cold food that is supposed to be hot. You are probably wondering why every time you order from Uber Eats you get cold food.

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Why Is My Food Cold?

Your food probably arrived at you cold when Uber Eats delivered it. Why it is cold is hard to say. One big reason why your food is cold is that it is not fresh.

When the restaurant makes your food fresh, it will stay hot for a lot longer. So when the order is delivered to you it should be warm at the least, if not hot. Another reason why your food is cold is that the driver may have been stuck in traffic and your food cooled off before he could get it to you.

There are so many things that can happen to prevent the Uber Eats driver from reaching you with hot or warm food. When you choose to order delivery these are some of the things you can expect. While no one really likes cold food, it is a normal but frustrating thing for the food to arrive cold.

Your delivery driver may have been driving with the windows down or the air on and this could cause your food to quickly cool off as well. Most delivery drivers don’t think about this when they have food to deliver. They should think about it but the reality is that they do not think they just do.

The carelessness of the UberEats driver oftentimes results in you receiving cold food. Food that you had to pay money for arrives cold and disgusting.

Do UberEats Drivers Have Insulated Bags or Warmers?

No, UberEats drivers do not have insulated bags or warmers. They are gig workers and so everything they have they must provide themselves. UberEats does not equip its drivers with insulated bags or anything to keep the food warm.

This is another big reason that your food often arrives cold. There is nothing for the UberEats driver to put the food in to keep it warm. This is very unfortunate for the UberEats customer.

All UberEats drivers should be required to have an insulated bag or warmer. Even if they have to provide the equipment themselves, they should have something similar to an insulated bag.

Can I Get A Refund For Cold Food?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot get a refund for cold food. The reality is that UberEats does not want to give refunds or credits for anything even when they need to. So you can forget the idea that they are going to give you a refund for cold food.

UberEats had a contract with the restaurants they work with and this contract stated in other words that if the customer’s food arrived cold, the restaurant would have to refund the full amount of the order regardless of the situation. This meant that whether it was the driver’s fault or the restaurant’s fault that the food arrived cold they would still have to give a refund. Those contract terms have since ended. This contract was obviously very unfair to the restaurants.

UberEats should be ready and more than willing to give a refund for one of their main screwups. However, they are not willing to give refunds for cold food and they just expect their customers to deal with it. As you can imagine, they won’t be around too long if they keep up these disastrous habits.

They don’t believe that the customer is always right and UberEats is not very good about putting the customer first. Any business that wanted to keep their customers around would be willing to give refunds or at least credits if not refunds. So I wouldn’t expect a refund for cold food because you are not going to get it no matter how much you complain.

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What To Do If My Food Arrives Cold?

If your food arrives cold you need to reach out to the driver and ask for an explanation. Someone may say that this is chasing after the wind but I don’t think that it is. You deserve to know what took your food so long to get to you that it arrived cold.

No one wants cold food and therefore something should be done about this. It is likely that this is a reoccurrence and not just a one-off incident. Repeatedly getting bad food and dealing with bad customer service is enough to turn anyone away from a business.

UberEats is losing a lot of customers and business because of their bad business practices. If your food arrives cold, file a complaint with UberEats. If no one reaches out to you, reach out to corporate and see if they can help you with the situation this time.

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