Uber Eats Payment Issue

Uber Eats Payment Issue
If you are trying to order from Uber Eats and have a problem, it may be an Uber Eats payment issue.

These issues are common and happen to most Uber Eats customers at some point or another.

This is a common complaint amongst many food delivery service customers, as there can be issues with the payment method. If you are experiencing a payment problem on Uber Eats, here are some reasons why this may be happening.

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Uber Eats Payment Issues

The most common cause of customers having an Uber Eats payment issue is updating their payment information. That or their card has been declined for lack of funds or was blacked by the bank.

These are common issues and are easy to fix. They also occur regularly, so knowing how to fix them quickly is good.

Payment issues on Uber Eats often happen if your bank thinks the payment is fraudulent. This can result in it blocking your card and canceling the payment. To fix this issue, you must call your bank to sort out the problem.

Before that, check your bank account to ensure you have the funds. Your card was declined if you need more money to make the order.

You may need to update your payment information if something other than these issues applies. Sometimes things are accidentally added incorrectly, or there is a minor glitch. You should be able to fix this by reading your payment information.

These are the most common issues that could cause your Uber Eats payment not to go through. They are all easy to fix and allow you to complete your order within minutes.

Uber Eats Payment Error Fixes

Uber Eats Payment Issue

Usually, if Uber Eats gives you a payment error, it means there is either a glitch in the app or your information is incorrect. Sometimes payment information can be added incorrectly, resulting in a mistake when ordering.

You should go back and update your payment information if it looks correct. There may be a glitch in the app. Sometimes this can be fixed by simply deleting the data and adding it again.

Try adding a different payment method to see if that solves the issue. Or you could order on a computer instead of your phone. Sometimes these odd options can solve the problem and get past the glitch.

You will likely have to contact Uber Eats customer support if that doesn’t work. Sometimes these glitches work themselves out over time but only occasionally.

If you don’t want to wait to see if the Uber Eats app starts to accept your payment, you will need to contact support.

Contact Uber Eats About The Payment Issue

Uber Eats has a help center on the app where you can get help for any issue that you may be experiencing. What you will need to do, is get into your account and press the help button.


From there, you can choose the option that best describes your problem, and it will provide a list of FAQs. Look through these to see if any can help you.

If none of the FAQs help, you can email the Uber Eats support team.


This method could take up to one to two days for a solution to be found as they have to get back to you to find out the problem.

If you decide to email Uber Eats, never disclose any personal information within the email. A representative should also only ask for sensitive information.


You could also choose the fastest option and call the Uber Support team directly. This is ideal for problem-solving or if you want an immediate solution.

This method can help you to get down to the problem and have your order go through within the hour. Just be aware that there may be a wait time depending on whether the line is busy.

Uber Eats Refunds

Uber Eats does give refunds and has a comprehensive refund policy that covers all kinds of order issues. This includes missing items, damaged goods, and orders not delivered.

If you place your order and want to change something, you must act fast and cancel your order immediately. As long as the restaurant has yet to accept your order, you can cancel it.

If your order is missing or needs items you paid for, you must contact Uber Eats within seven days. You can receive a refund if they can know for sure that you are telling the truth.

Before reporting missing items, always look at your receipt first. Sometimes restaurants do not have that particular item and will remove it from your order and refund you.

Other Types of Refunds

You can also get a refund for incorrect or delivered late orders. This includes getting orders different from yours or getting your order significantly later than it should have been.

A late order should always qualify if the quality of your food is significantly impacted negatively.

There is little information on how long it takes to get an Uber Eats refund, but it should be given within seven to fourteen days. If it takes longer, call them again to see when you will get your total refund.

Uber Eats Won’t Accept My Payment Option

Uber Eats will have issues with your payment if your card has been declined or your bank blocked the purchase. Your payment information might also need to be corrected and updated or changed.

Sometimes the Uber Eats app glitches and will not let payments go through. This is a common issue and one that can be complicated to fix.

Uber Eats Customer Support

You may have to contact Uber Eats customer support if you need help fixing the payment issue. This is usually the case if the app has a glitch that is keeping you from being able to make your order.

You will always want to check your bank account to make sure you have the money as well as your payment information first. These are the two most common payment issues, which can be fixed independently.

If the bank has labeled this transaction fraudulent, you must call them to clarify the misunderstanding. Once that happens, you should be able to return to the Uber Eats app to make your order.

If Nothing Seems To Work

If nothing you do works, the ultimate option is always to contact customer support. They should be able to get to the bottom of the issue and clear it up for you. Then you can move along with your order and pay for it.

If the issue persists, you should delete the Uber Eats app and start fresh to see if that solves any glitchy problems.


Errors in food delivery apps are a common issue. Sometimes the only way to fix these problems is by contacting the company.

Luckily Uber Eats give you multiple ways to get in contact with them.

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