Walmart Access Denied

It’s not uncommon for desktop users to come across “Access Denied” error screens that prevent them from accessing certain websites and pages. These errors can be frustrating and concerning.

Thankfully, there are straightforward methods for resolving “Access Denied” glitches. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why Is My Walmart Access Denied?

In some cases, Walmart customers will come across an ‘Access Denied’ screen when trying to use the Walmart website. This issue can be caused by several reasons, including server issues, network problems, VPNs, blacklisted IP addresses, and more. The correct solution will depend on what’s causing the error.

Walmart ‘Access Denied’ Explained

An “Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access this server” error is a common problem for many users. This error screen can appear on any website, including the official Walmart page.

Walmart ‘Access Denied’ Explained

Access Denied errors screens happen when a website detects an issue with your browser cookies or network and blocks you from accessing it. These issues can be caused by proxy settings, VPNs, blacklisted IP addresses, and network issues. Here’s what you can do.

Common Solutions

There are a variety of solutions to resolve access denied error screens. However, the correct solution will depend on the root issue. For example, Walmart might restrict your access due to a VPN. Here are some of the common solutions for resolving Walmart Access Denied:

  • Clearing your browser cookies and history
  • Turning off VPN and VPN extensions
  • Disabling your proxy
  • Switching to a premium VPN service
  • Resetting your browser data

We’ll cover some of the basic solutions in more detail below.

Walmart Access Denied

Forget the Website Data in Firefox

Typically, ‘Access Denied’ error screens are most common in Mozilla Firefox browsers. Thankfully, you can start troubleshooting this issue by forgetting the website.

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Hit Ctrl + H on your keyboard to open the History tab.
  3. Locate the Walmart website or the page causing “Access Denied.”
  4. Click on it once and then select “Forget About This Site” using the context menu.
  5. Finally, refresh the Walmart page to see if you’re still getting the error.

Delete the Site Data in Google Chrome

Google Chrome runs into similar issues. Thankfully, you can delete cookies from the Walmart website if you’re using the Google Chrome browser.

  1. From Google Chrome, click on the three vertical dots located at the upper right-hand side of the browser and select Settings.
  2. Select “Privacy and security” from the menu on the left and then select “Site settings” from the new menu.
  3. Scroll down and select “Cookies and site data.” Scroll down until you find “See all cookies and site data” Select this button to see a list of your browser’s cookies.
  4. Locate or search for the Walmart website. Select the trash can icon next to the domain name.
  5. Finally, restart your browser and see if the issue is resolved.

Turn Off Your VPN Extension

Unfortunately, if you’re using a VPN or a VPN extension, you might run into “Access Denied” error screens. You’ll need to temporarily disable your VPN software or extension to troubleshoot the problem.

Depending on your browser, you can easily disable your VPN extension by accessing the Extensions menu. The steps will vary slightly depending on your browser, but you can easily search for those steps online if you’re having difficulties.

Clear Your Browser Data

Before you move on to more drastic steps, you can try clearing your browser data. Clearing your browser data prevents you from losing custom settings but will remove any cookies and history.

The exact steps for clearing your browser data will depend on your program.

  • In Google Chrome, you can access your browser data under More Tools
  • For Mozilla Firefox, you can find your browser data under the Privacy & Security tab.
  • In Microsoft Edge, you can locate your browser data from the Settings menu under Cookies and site permissions.

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Walmart Access Denied Error Screen

The “Access Denied” error screen is a common issue for desktop users, whether they’re using the Walmart website or another domain. This issue can be caused by several reasons, including server issues, network problems, VPNs, blacklisted IP addresses, and more. The correct solution will depend on what’s causing the error.

However, you can try deleting the site data in your browser, disabling VPN software or VPN extensions, and clearing your browser history. If these solutions don’t work, you might need to reset your browser to its default settings.

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