What Does Arriving Today Mean on Amazon?

If you are expecting a package from Amazon, you may be wondering what arriving today means. This is a common notification that Amazon shoppers get when their package is on the way to their home.

Amazon sends out all kinds of notifications to help customers keep track of what is going on. This is very helpful if you want to be home to receive your package, need to sign for it, or need it at a certain time.

Keep reading to find out what arriving today means and why you are getting this notification from Amazon.

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What Does Amazon Mean by Arriving Today?

When you get a notification from Amazon saying that your package is arriving today, it means that it will be delivered that day. This is a notification to let you know that you should be expecting your package sometime before 10 p.m.

arriving today amazon

This is a common notification that Amazon sends out to all of its customers who are waiting for their orders. This lets you know that you will be getting your package very soon that day.

This is helpful if you have been tracking your package or don’t want it sitting out on your porch. Amazon is very good at sending out notifications about packages so that you can stay up to date.

This is useful for those anxiously waiting to receive their package or if you worry about it sitting out. Amazon delivery drivers will also either knock on your door or ring the doorbell to alert you that you have a delivery.

If you get this notification but won’t be home, you can also update your delivery instructions. You can let the deliverer know where to place your package where it will be safe until you get home and can take it inside.

What Does Amazon Mean By Arriving by 10 P.M.?

Another common notification that many Amazon customers get is a notification stating that your package will be arriving by 10 p.m. This is another notification that might be confusing if you don’t know exactly what it means.

Amazon has a long list of notifications that it sends out according to what is going on with your package. This allows it to communicate as clearly as possible to customers who are waiting to receive their order.

Arriving by 10 p.m. means that your package is on its way and is supposed to arrive at your home that day. This type of notification is usually sent if the delivery driver has a lot of deliveries to make as they may deliver your package later.

There are instances where they may run out of time and not be able to deliver by 10 p.m., if this happens, your package may be delayed. Though it should be delivered to you the next day bright and early to make up for the small delay.

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What Does Amazon Out for Delivery Mean?

When you see that your package is marked as being out for delivery, you may wonder what difference does this modification mean? Isn’t it the same as the arriving today notification from Amazon?

Arriving today and out for delivery are actually two different things. Out for delivery means that your package is literally in the van and making its way to your destination.

Arriving today simply means that your package is on the list to be delivered today, it just isn’t in the delivery van just yet. This is what makes out for delivery different from arriving today.

Amazon may send a variety of different notifications including:

  • Out for delivery
  • Arriving today
  • Running late
  • Arriving by 10 p.m.
  • Arriving by 8 p.m.
  • Arriving early

What Does Arriving Today Mean on Amazon for Customers?

Arriving today means that your package is scheduled to get delivered to you that day. This is a notification email that Amazon sends out to alert you that your package is expected.

If you get an out for delivery and arriving today email, this means that your package is literally en route to your address. You can expect it to arrive any minute when it says this.

There are several kinds of notifications that you might get from Amazon to let you know what is going on with your package.

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