Wendy’s New Fries Are Terrible

Many customers have noticed a sudden difference in how the fries taste at Wendy’s. This is especially going on with the customers that have been routinely ordering from this chain fast-food restaurant.

If you are thinking of eating out at Wendy’s, you may be wondering if the fries are still any good. Though this comes down mainly to personal opinion, many customers are not happy with Wendy’s new fries.

To find out just what is going on with Wendy’s new fries and if they really are terrible, keep reading.

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Why Are Wendy’s New Fries Terrible?

Many customers have become upset at the recent changes to Wendy’s fries. Wendy’s has changed how it makes its fries in order to maintain heat and crispiness for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of these changes.

Though the changes to the original fries are minimal, many long-time customers of Wendy’s have felt the difference. Many are outraged over this sudden change for no real reason after Wendy’s fries have maintained popularity.

As far as customers are concerned, there was no real reason for Wendy’s to change its fries as the old ones were good. In fact, many even claimed that Wendy’s was one of the only fast-food restaurants that served good fries.

Wendy’s fries were known for being delicious and natural tasting. Far better than many fast-food fries that taste processed and limp.

Though Wendy’s thought this change was for the better, there are plenty of customers that strongly disagree.

Why Did Wendy’s Change The fries?

Wendy’s changed how it makes its fries because it wanted them to last longer and stay in good condition. This is why the way they are made has changed to create a longer-lasting fry.

Wendy’s new fries are made to maintain heat for up to 20 minutes so that they are still nice and hot when you eat them. This is a common complaint amongst fast-food customers as fries do not normally retain heat very well.

Wendy’s new fries are also fried to be crispier, which helps them to maintain their texture for longer. This is done by frying them in a slightly different way, as well as coating them in a type of flour for more crispness.

Many people are not happy with the taste or texture of these fries and find them to be disgusting. This could come down to the added flour or the way that they are prepared. Either way, customers insist that the flavor and texture are very different.

Does Wendy’s Salt The Fries?

Wendy’s New Fries Are Terrible

Wendy’s does salt its fries before each batch goes out./ this is a crucial step in making the fries delicious and flavorful.

Without salt, the fries would be bland and just about tasteless. The only downside to salting the fries is that not every batch is going to be equally salted.

You may find that some fries are very salty, while others have no salt at all. This is a common issue with fast-food restaurants, and a solution has yet to be found to prevent this.

Are Wendy’s New Fries Terrible?

Many Wendy’s customers are in an uproar over the new fry that Wendy’s has introduced. These are not entirely new, only made in a different way than they usually are.

Are Wendy’s New Fries Terrible

Wendy’s changed how it makes its fries in order to create a better fast-food fry option. These fries are made to retain heat for a longer period of time so that they do not go cold before you get to eat them.

They are also made to maintain their crispiness for longer and have a better texture.

Though these all sound like great things, not everyone is pleased with the changes. Many people insist that the fries taste different and have an undesirable texture.

This is the danger that any fast-food restaurant has when updating or replacing a product. Though some new customers highly enjoy these new fries, the older customers are proving harder to win over.

Many long-time customers got used to Wendy’s old fries and are upset that they were suddenly changed for no real reason. This is the risk of updating any old menu item as taste comes down to personal opinion.

Whether or not you like Wendy’s new fries will come down to your taste and whether or not they taste good to you personally.

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