Why Can’t I Checkout on Amazon?

If you are trying to buy something off of Amazon, but it is not letting you check out, you may be wondering why this is happening. It is not an uncommon problem for people to experience issues when they go to check out their Amazon cart on the website.

As far as websites go, Amazon is a very well-functioning website that rarely gives customers any issues when they are making their purchases. This is one of the biggest benefits of shopping on Amazon, as it is usually glitch-free.

That being said, there are times when you may have issues when you go to check out. The good thing is that this is usually nothing too complicated to resolve on your own so that you can place your order successfully.

Keep reading to find out why you can’t check out on Amazon and what you can do to fix this issue.

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Why Is Amazon Proceed to Checkout Not Working?

If you are having issues trying to check out on Amazon, you may be wondering why this is happening. The most common reason for this issue is that you have add-on items in your cart, and you cannot check out with them.

Add-on items on Amazon are items that require you to spend at least $25 when checking out. If you do not spend this much, you will not be able to check out on Amazon with these items in your cart.

This is something that many Amazon shoppers do not know about as they just think that they can purchase these add-on items no matter how much they are. But you must hit that $25 mark in order to check out your shopping cart.

This is the most common reason for people not being able to check out their Amazon cart. This can happen for reasons, such as:

  • There is a glitch
  • You have add-on items
  • You need to refresh the page

Aside from needing to spend $25 when purchasing add-on items, there also can be other issues going on with the Amazon website. This can happen if there is a glitch or if you simply need to refresh the page.

If your car contains add-on items, but the amount is $25 or over, you may need to log out of your Amazon account and refresh it.

Why Isn’t Amazon Letting Me Purchase My Items?

Now that you know why you may not be able to check out on Amazon, you may want to know why Amazon isn’t letting you purchase your items. These are two different problems that can arise when you go to purchase something on Amazon.

Why Isn’t Amazon Letting Me Purchase My Items

There are times when Amazon may not let you check out your Amazon cart, and there are times when it may not let you purchase certain items. These can be two different problems with two different solutions, which can make it a little confusing.

If Amazon is not letting you purchase your items and you keep getting different errors, this may mean that something else is going on. In this kind of situation, you may need to add a different payment information, or your card may be expired.

If you were trying to use an Amazon gift card that doesn’t have enough funds, this can also cause issues. All of these problems can result in Amazon not letting you purchase your items.

If you are having this issue, you should check your payment information to make sure that everything is as it should be. If you do not see anything that could be causing this issue, you may want to log out and refresh the Amazon page before trying again.

Why Is Amazon Not Adding to My Cart?

If you were able to check out okay on Amazon, but it is not adding items to your cart, this is another issue that you need to resolve. This is not very common, but it can come up sometimes for Amazon customers.

Why Can’t I Checkout on Amazon

One very simple solution to this could be to check your account and make sure that you were logged in. Many people may think that they are logged in to their Amazon account but actually aren’t, which is why their cart is empty when they go to check out.

If you aren’t logged in, Amazon will not remember what you have added to your cart which is why it will be empty. This could also be due to a glitch behind the scenes if you are logged in and items that you were adding to your cart are not showing up.

If this is the case, it is best to clear the cookies on the device that you were using and log out of your Amazon account. Refresh the page and log back in to see if that has resolved the issue.

Why Can’t I Checkout My Cart on Amazon?

If you cannot check out your Amazon car, this is most likely due to add-on items in the cart. You can only purchase add-on items if you are spending over $25 for that Amazon order.

Mini Amazon shoppers are not aware of this and may try to check out with add-on items without having the necessary amount. You will need to add more to your shopping cart to get to $25 if you want to check out those add-on items.

If you have already done this but you were still unable to check out, you may need to clear the page. Log out of your account and refresh the page before trying again to see if that works.

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