Why is DoorDash So Slow? 

Why is DoorDash So Slow? 

If you have ordered DoorDash at any point this year then you probably know that DoorDash is slow.

For whatever reason, DoorDashers are being really slow with orders and this could cause people to stop ordering from them. Customers are angry that their orders are taking so long to reach them.

When you order from any place that delivers, your expectations of this business are likely high. This means that you expect your order to arrive hot and fresh, not cold and stale. However, this could very well be the reality when placing an order with DoorDash because they have really been slacking on delivering orders on time. What could be the problem?

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Why Does DoorDash Take So Long to Deliver in 2024? 

DoorDash takes so long to deliver because the restaurant could be very busy and so it takes them a while to give the dasher your order. Also, the DoorDasher could be stuck in traffic which could result in longer wait times. 

When is the Best Time to Order from DoorDash?

The best time to order from DoorDash is when people are less likely to be ordering. Of course, you won’t always be able to do this because you can’t control when you get hungry. However, it is commonly known that weekends and evenings are the busiest for most restaurants.

So you may want to try placing your orders around these times. Such as in the mornings and more so throughout the week. If you choose to order in the evenings on weekends you may find your patience being tested by the long wait times.

Based on where you are from, you may be familiar with different restaurants and how long they take to fix orders. Therefore, I would avoid any restaurants that have long turnaround times. If you’ve been to a restaurant and they took a long time to fix your order, this is a sign that they’ll take even longer when ordering using DoorDash. Steer clear of certain restaurants unless you just have to have it. And make sure that you are ordering only at certain times to get your order delivered the quickest.

What are Some DoorDash Alternatives?

DoorDash is not the only food delivering company out there. Since DoorDash takes so long to deliver, why don’t you try a different food delivery service. Some DoorDash alternatives are:

  • UberEats
  • GrubHub


As with DoorDash, external factors like heavy traffic, bad weather conditions, or a busy merchant can cause delays. However, for an extra 99 cents, you can get fast delivery, meaning your order gets dropped off as soon as it is picked up.


GrubHub is also a food ordering and delivery service and it is said to have faster delivery than UberEats or DoorDash. Again, it depends on the driver and the external factors that are obviously out of the control of the delivery person.

What Are The Solutions?

This may not always be possible but one solution to this problem is to drive to the restaurant and pick up the order yourself, if you can. A lot of people order from DoorDash because they just don’t feel like going out to get it themselves. If you are able to go get it yourself this would eliminate the wait time.

Then you can have fresh, hot food waiting on you when you get home. Although external factors could affect you before you get home, you could always eat your meal in the car while waiting in traffic.

You could stay home and cook whatever you already have in your home. Now, I know that the purpose of ordering DoorDash is probably because you don’t feel like cooking. This is where you have to decide which one is worse: waiting 2 or 3 hours for your cold food to arrive or actually getting up and cooking a decent meal.

If waiting is worse then you may decide to fix your own meal. This may require you to run out to the store and get a few ingredients but it likely beats waiting on DoorDash. At least you know your food will be fresh and hot once you’re done cooking it.

Your last option as to a solution for the long DoorDash delivery time is patience. Sometimes you have to exercise patience and this may be the perfect time to work on it.

Why Is DoorDash Delivery Taking So Long?

DoorDash delivery takes so long to deliver sometimes because of things that are out of their control such as traffic, bad weather, and wait time at the merchant. Restaurants tend to be packed on the weekends and this can delay your order when other orders are already in front of you. DoorDash may take a long time when the Dasher makes extra stops.

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