DoorDash Drivers Stealing Food

DoorDash Drivers Stealing Food

No one ever thought they would see the day where DoorDash drivers start to steal customers’ food. That day is here. There are a ton of reports stating that the DoorDash Drivers are stealing food. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they are accomplishing by doing this but it’s definitely a trend today.

Stealing the customers’ food is a serious DoorDash violation for drivers.

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Why Do DoorDash Drivers Take Food?

It is hard to understand why DoorDash Drivers have been taking food back. One could only think that maybe the drivers are very hungry. Even still this is not a good excuse for eating food that they are supposed to give to the customers. 

Do they take orders that have already been paid for? It makes you wonder how that works. There are so many complaints against DoorDash (sometimes they are really slow as well) because drivers have made it their business to take pictures of food to show that it arrived and then they take the food and run off with it.

Yes, this was actually caught on a home camera. A doordasher stole the customer’s food and didn’t realize she was being recorded. This incident went viral and people everywhere are talking about the DoorDasher that stole the food back.

Is It Wrong For DoorDash Drivers to Tamper With Food?

Yes, this is wrong on so many levels. DoorDash drivers are not supposed to mess with or tamper with the food orders in any kind of way. This is a serious violation of DoorDash policies.

Why Did the Viral DoorDash Driver Take Food Back?

You have probably heard about the doordash driver lady who went viral for taking food back. She was mad because the diner gave her an $8 tip. Her complaint was that she had to drive really far, 40 minutes to be exact to get the order to the diner so she felt she deserved a bigger tip than the $8 he gave her.

She complained to the customer that he lived a ways out from where he ordered and that he should up his tip to make things right. The customer refused to give her a bigger tip so she took the food and said she would bring the food back. What her purpose was, it’s hard to know for sure.

It was likely a form of punishment for the customer not giving a bigger tip. So what did DoorDash do about this incident? DoorDash claimed that they didn’t know about this situation so it can be said that the customer didn’t report it.

Or maybe the customer did report it and DoorDash just didn’t take it seriously enough. There are so many complaints against DoorDash so it’s possible that this incident was overlooked by DoorDash managers.

What to Do When a DoorDash Driver Steals My Food?

It can be dangerous to try and take your food away from an angry delivery driver. So just let them have the food and take the necessary steps to correct the matter. A driver cannot dictate what size tip you give them.

If the DoorDash delivery driver tries to force you into giving them a larger tip, don’t bend or give in to their request. Simply let them leave with the food and then call DoorDash to file a complaint. Don’t hesitate to call right away, even before they leave the driveway.

This will give DoorDash ample time to handle the situation. If DoorDash doesn’t do anything in a reasonable amount of time you should try calling corporate. Everyone has a boss at DoorDash so work your way up the ladder.

Corporate would probably tell you to contact your local DoorDash about the incident. So to save time, do this first. Then contact the corporate office headquarters as a last result when your local DoorDash doesn’t do anything or enough to your liking.

How Should DoorDash Make Things Right?

DoorDash should at least give you a refund and possibly a free meal for your food that was stolen by the DoorDash driver.

It really depends on the manager and what they choose to do. Whatever they do should be fitting to the situation. If the delivery driver stole your food then you should receive another meal to replace the one that was stolen.

If you don’t want to deal with DoorDash anymore they should be willing to refund your dinner. Chances are they are going to want to give you a DoorDash credit. This credit will only be able to be used for DoorDash.

DoorDash Delivery Driver Taking Food Back

Some DoorDash delivery drivers are taking food back because they are angry about tips or how long their drive was. The truth is that they know how far they are going to have to drive before they accept the order.


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  1. Since we’ve moved to Sellersburg Indiana we’ve had our orders dropped and stolen 5 times in one week. I cant win. I can’t even get pizza delivered without dealing with doordash. I guess we’ll starve tonight

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