Why Is Planet Fitness Bad?

Planet Fitness can be an excellent gym for some people. However, there are a few things that make it not so great for others.

Before you join or renew your membership, consider why Planet Fitness is bad. Then, you can determine if it’s the right place for you or not.

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Why Isn’t Planet Fitness Good?

Planet Fitness isn’t great because the basic membership has a lot of limitations. You need to spend more than double to get access to certain amenities, from massage chairs to access to different locations. The gym also only accepts checking accounts as a payment method.

While Planet Fitness offers a welcoming environment, there are some things that are hard to ignore. Keep them in mind when joining.

Limited Membership

One of the reasons that Planet Fitness is bad is because of the basic membership. Sure, it only costs $10 a month, but there are a lot of limitations. You can only visit the location where you sign up, which isn’t great if you travel a lot.

Why Is Planet Fitness Bad

If you want to visit other locations, you’ll need the PF Black Card membership. That costs over twice as much, but you’ll also get access to massage chairs and the option to bring a guest.

Sure, the basic membership is great for beginners. But you may find that you want to relax in a  massage chair after a workout. You can’t do that without spending quite a bit more money.

And if you try to save money with the annual membership, that’s not great either. You’ll lock yourself into a 12-month contract, and you’ll have to remember to cancel it if you don’t want to pay the full yearly fee again.

Hidden Fees

Speaking of fees, Planet Fitness claims to offer memberships for $10 a month. That’s technically correct, but it’s not entirely honest.

Along with your monthly fee, you’ll have to pay a startup fee when you join. The gym sometimes runs a promotion so that you can sign up for $1. However, the regular startup cost is $49 if you don’t join during a sale period.

Then, you’ll have to pay an annual fee of $39, and that’s separate from your monthly rate. The annual fee applies to the basic and PF Black Card memberships. You’ll only get out of that fee if you pay for an annual basic membership.

One Payment Method

Another drawback of joining Planet Fitness is that they only accept one payment method. To cover your membership fees, you have to give them your checking account number. You can’t use a credit card, which is a much more secure option.

Now, Planet Fitness should be trustworthy. But if someone hacks into the gym system, they can get ahold of your bank account details. Then, they can do a lot with your account, such as drain the balance.

Even if no one hacks the system, Planet Fitness can still do things with your checking account. They’ll debit the balance you owe each month. If you put drinks on your tab, that will increase the amount you owe. And if you don’t have a high enough balance, you could overdraft and owe your bank a massive fee.

No Rural Locations

If you live in the middle of nowhere, Planet Fitness probably isn’t the gym for you. While they have some locations in certain areas, most of the locations are in cities or suburbs.

Maybe some people are willing to drive a long way to get to the gym. However, you might find other options that are closer to you. Even if those gyms cost more to join, you could save money simply by using less gas.

Consider how far you’re willing to travel to work out. If you want to stay near where you live, you’ll want to search for a gym close to you.

Focus Is on Cardio

A lot of the gym equipment at Planet Fitness is great for cardio. And cardio is important to your health, but so is strength training.

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to working out your muscles. You can join a class to focus on some muscle groups. However, that may not be enough to help you build the strength you want.

If you already get plenty of cardio, such as by walking everywhere, Planet Fitness might not offer you much that you don’t already get. Cardio and strength workouts are equally important, so you should choose a gym that understands that.

Not for Serious Gym Members

Planet Fitness tends to market toward beginners. Maybe it’s due to the fact that they don’t have much to offer in regards to strength training. Or perhaps it’s the judgment-free environment that they say they provide.

However, the company markets itself as more of a club than a gym. You might find it hard to meet others who are serious about getting fit.

The low cost also makes it easier to justify not going to the gym. It’s possible that Planet Fitness has a lot of members who still pay the fees but never go to their local club. If you want more motivation, you may want a better gym.

What Makes Planet Fitness Bad?

A lot of things make Planet Fitness bad, from a lack of strength training options to one, somewhat insecure payment option. Before you join or renew, consider if Planet Fitness has what you need. If not, look at other gyms near you that can help you reach your goals.

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