Why Work At DoorDash?

You are considering working at DoorDash but you don’t know if that is the best thing for you. I’m going to tell you that DoorDash is a mess overall but it may work for you. Rather than tear DoorDash down, I’m going to try and build them up a little.

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Why Should I Work At DoorDash?

You probably should not work at DoorDash but if you want to then you should. There are a few reasons why you should work at DoorDash. One of the main reasons to work at DoorDash is because you get to choose your own hours.

Other Reasons to Work For DoorDash

This can be a great job if you have another job that you are trying to work around. You can still work your full-time or part-time job and work DoorDash on the side. You can pretty much work for DoorDash any day of the week and any time of the day.

You should work at DoorDash because you can get some hefty tips from the customers. If you are a nice person and you deliver their food on time they may be more inclined to give you an extra tip. However, as long as you are accepting orders you will receive a tip either way.

Working for DoorDash can be like an outlet for you. For some people, driving around and listening to your favorite music can help you to be in a good mood. Being able to have time to yourself while you make deliveries can be very good for your mental health.

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Will I Be an Employee?

Why Work At DoorDash

No, you will not be an employee for DoorDash. DoorDash is hiring gig workers and that is all you will be. In other words, you will be an independent contractor, not an employee.

You will be viewed as being a business owner. So if you own your own business you work for yourself, not for anyone else.

Being an employee for DoorDash is not something that is going to come by easily. If you were an actual employee of DoorDash the hiring process would be different and more strenuous. At the same time, you would probably not get hired on as an employee unless you are really good.

If you are an employee, you will get some great perks and benefits. There will be a lot going on for you and you probably would rather be an employee for DoorDash or not. I’m not sure if they treat their actual employees any better than they do their gig workers.

To be an employee for DoorDash, you would not be a gig worker, you wouldn’t have flexible hours, and you would have more requirements.

What Is a Gig Worker?

A gig worker is someone who does gigs for a living. A gig is a job but not quite a job if you think about it. It is not a contract position but rather it is an independent contractor position.

Being a gig worker has no benefits and everything is pretty much on you as the gig worker. You have to pay for gas and other things but when you think about it, that’s not all that bad.

There are some perks that come with being a gig worker for DoorDash. Some Door Dashers get free delivery on their orders or discounts off at restaurants.

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DoorDash Benefits

One of the benefits of working for DoorDash is that Dashers can get discounts at certain restaurants and free delivery. I’m not sure if you have to do something to get these discounts and free delivery.

Even as a dasher, it may be that you need to subscribe to DashPass. DashPass is $9.99 a month and I believe you will have to pay that even if you are a dasher. Another benefit of working for DoorDash is that you can work when you like.

You do not have to be confined to a certain schedule. If you want to work nights only then you can work nights only. If you want to work in the middle of the day and no nights then you can certainly do that.

Why Work At DoorDash_

Why Shouldn’t I Work at DoorDash?

You shouldn’t work at DoorDash for a lot of reasons. One reason is because they don’t do right by their gig workers. Some people hate the fact that they don’t get any great perks or benefits but in all actuality, they are not required to because you are not an employee.

You are a gig worker and you will not get a lot of discounts or free delivery. You will still have to order like anyone else. You will be no different than the next gig worker.

DoorDash doesn’t support their gig workers and doesn’t try to help them at all. So why would you want to work with them?

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Why Should I Work For DoorDash?

You should work for DoorDash because they can help you to make money and have something to do on those days that you are bored. Working for DoorDash isn’t all bad. There are some nice benefits and a few good things about working for DoorDash.

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