Are U-Hauls Good in Snow

Driving a car through harsh weather conditions isn’t an easy task. You have to be extra careful, monitor your speeds, and watch for other drivers. This task doesn’t get any easier when using a rental truck or towing trailer.

U-Haul may provide accessible and convenient moving equipment, but they’re not designed with all-weather conditions in mind. So, is it worth driving a U-Haul through the snow and ice? Read on for everything you need to know.

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Can You Drive a U-Haul Through the Snow?

Yes, it is possible to drive a U-Haul through the snow and ice. However, doing so is highly unrecommended. The tires on a U-Haul rental vehicle are meant for longevity, not for traction and control. For those reasons, It can be dangerous to traverse winter weather when using a U-Haul.

Can I Pull a U-Haul Trailer in the Snow?

Technically speaking, it’s possible to pull a U-Haul rental trailer through the snow and ice. However, this is highly unrecommended. U-Hauls rental trailers and vehicles aren’t meant to traverse through snow and ice. The tires on these vehicles don’t offer much traction or support, resulting in more dangerous driving conditions.

Does U-Haul Provide Snow Chains?

Are U-Hauls Good in Snow

Unfortunately, U-Haul does not provide snow chains for any of their rental vehicles. Many customers suggest avoiding any areas where snow chains are required or preferred. This is because the tires on a U-Haul rental are meant to last, not to provide traction in ice or snow.

Can You Put Snow Chains on a U-Haul?

Technically speaking, you can put snow chains on select U-Haul vehicles. For example, the 10′ Truck has enough clearance to support snow chains. However, there are some essential things to consider if you decide to put snow chains on a U-Haul rental.

If you decide to put snow chains on a U-Haul rental vehicle, you may be liable for any damages. Snow chains are unlikely to cause any significant damage, but it is a risk to consider. If you are worried about being responsible for any damages, you have options as well.

Get SafeMove Coverage

You should highly consider purchasing U-Hauls SafeMove coverage If you’re concerned about damage or harsh weather conditions. If you plan to attach snow chains to your U-Haul rental, you should opt for SafeMove Plus as it covers any damage to the tires. Here’s what you can accept from the SafeMove coverage options.

SafeMove Coverage

Usually, you would be responsible for all damage to rented equipment and vehicles. With SafeMove, you receive a damage waiver and a few other benefits.

Damage Waiver: Covers most accidental damage to rental vehicles/equipment. (Does not include collisions with an overhead object)

Cargo Protection: Covers loss or damage to cargo from collisions, fires, windstorms, and overturns of the rental vehicle.

Medical / Life Protection: Covers you and your passengers in the cab of U-Haul rental trucks.

Purchasing SafeMove coverage for your next move can be advantageous even if you aren’t traversing through snow and ice. With SafeMove coverage, you can offset many costs from accidental damage or wear and tear.

SafeMove Plus

SafeMove Plus has the added benefit of covering overhead damage and tire protection. If you’re planning to use snow chains, be sure to go with SafeMove Plus.

Supplemental Liability Coverage: Protects your personal insurance policy for the first $1,000,000 of losses.

Exclusion Free Coverage: Covers ANY accidental damage to the U-Haul rental vehicle, including collision with overhead objects.

Plus all the SafeMove benefits mentioned above: Damage Waiver, Cargo Protection, and Medical/Life Protection.

It’s important to note that damage caused by improper packing and theft is not covered in SafeMove Plus.

SafeTow Coverage

SafeTow coverage is much like the standard SafeMove package. However, SafeTwo applies to tow dollies, rented trailers, and auto transports.

Damage Waiver: Protects against some damage to the rental trailer or towing apparatus.

Towed Property Protection: Protects against damage to your valuables or vehicle when using a U-Haul rental trailer, auto transporter, or tow dollies. There are multiple levels of protection to choose from that vary in price.

Medical / Life Protection: Provides you with hospital and life protection in the case of catastrophe. However, your passenger’s safety only applies when they are riding in the passenger part of the towing vehicle.

SafeTrip Coverage

Are U-Hauls Good in Snow_

SafeTrip coverage is another protection option in case of an emergency. SafeTrip provides supplemental roadside protection and a few other benefits.

  • Jump Start Assistance
  • Lock-out Protection
  • Lost Keys Service
  • Fuel Service and Help
  • Vehicle Stuck in Mud/Snow
  • Trailer Hook-up Problems

You may want to consider adding SafeTrip coverage If you’re traveling through snow, ice, or other harsh weather conditions. However, SafeTrip is not available for corporate business accounts.

Is U-Haul Coverage Worth It?

U-Haul coverage is definitely worth it. When it comes to rental vehicles, issues can arise abruptly, and your regular insurance may not cover all the costs. If you can spare the change, purchasing U-Haul coverage for your next move may save you headaches and dollars down the line.

How Do U-Hauls Perform In the Snow?

Driving a U-Haul rental truck or trailer through the snow is not recommended. The tires on U-Haul vehicles and towing equipment are meant for longevity, not for traction or control. For these reasons, it can be dangerous to traverse through winter weather when using a U-Haul.

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