Food Delivery Market Share by State

Report Highlights: Doordash is the most popular food delivery service in the United States. Doordash has more than 50% market share in 41 US states. The average US food delivery market share of DoorDash was 57% in May 2022. The Top3 most popular food delivery services are Doordash (market share: 57%), Grubhub (market share: 18%), … Read moreFood Delivery Market Share by State

Can I Decline Orders on DoorDash?

If you are a new DoorDash driver you may be wondering if you can decline orders. Declining orders can be a good thing depending on the situation. I’ll let you know if it is okay to decline orders on DoorDash. Is It Okay to Decline DoorDash Orders? Yes, it is actually okay to decline DoorDash … Read moreCan I Decline Orders on DoorDash?

DoorDash Cold Food

DoorDash is horrible about delivering cold food. They do not care about you or your food. There is no pep in their step. Here is an explanation as to why your food may be cold. Why Is My Food Cold? There are many reasons why your food may be cold. One reason is because they … Read moreDoorDash Cold Food

DoorDash Wrong Order

You ordered DoorDash and you waited on it to get to you. But when it gets to you, the order is not right. Let’s talk about this wrong order. DoorDash Gave Me the Wrong Order It is possible that DoorDash gave you the wrong order. There may have been some sort of mix up because … Read moreDoorDash Wrong Order

DoorDash Taking Too Long

So you placed an order with DoorDash and they are taking too long to deliver. I will explain to you why this may be happening and how to deal with it when it happens. DoorDash Taking Way Too Long DoorDash is known for taking too long to deliver. Yes, they do take too long to … Read moreDoorDash Taking Too Long