Dash Now Vs Schedule

If you are new to being a Doordash driver, you may be wondering about dash now vs scheduled dashing. These are two options that you get as a Doordash driver. These are two very different dashing options that come with different perks to using them. If you want to know more about how dash now … Read moreDash Now Vs Schedule

Biggest Doordash Tip

If you are interested in becoming a Doordash driver, you may be wondering how big of tips you can get. This is an important element to the job as tips can add up fast depending on how much they are. If you want to become a dasher but need an idea of how much you … Read moreBiggest Doordash Tip

Lost My Red Card DoorDash

With over 340,000 participating restaurants, DoorDash has become the delivery app king. However, not all of these locations handle payments the same way. That’s where the Red Card comes into play. Some participating restaurants require delivery drivers to use the Red Card as payment. But what happens if you or your delivery driver lose their … Read moreLost My Red Card DoorDash

How to Find Doordash Red Card PIN

DoorDash can be an efficient and convenient way to place food deliveries. With over 340,000 participating restaurants across the globe, your options are nearly endless. With all these restaurants, one has to wonder, “how are all these orders paid for?” Although most participating locations don’t require Red Card payments, some of them do. This type … Read moreHow to Find Doordash Red Card PIN

Doordash Unauthorized Charges

DoorDash has provided millions of individuals across the globe a safe and secure way to deliver and receive takeout. However, many customers have reported unauthorized charges from the delivery company. Many customers, delivery drivers, and merchants have experienced frustration as their DoorDash accounts may have been compromised. Why Do I Have Unauthorized Charges From DoorDash? … Read moreDoordash Unauthorized Charges

DoorDash No Pickup Option

DoorDash has provided millions of people with a convenient way to order out. However, some users prefer the pickup method opposed to traditional delivery. Although DoorDash offers pickup options, this feature runs into common issues and errors. Not all locations participate in this service. Here’s what you need to know about DoorDash pickup. Why Doesn’t … Read moreDoorDash No Pickup Option

DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way

DoorDash provides customers with a reliable, fast, and effective way to order takeout. However, many customers and drivers alike are reporting navigation issues. Many customers claim their delivery drivers are traveling the opposite direction, resulting in delays and cold food. Is this really the case? Is there a good reason why your DoorDash driver is … Read moreDoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way

Can I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI?

DoorDash has provided millions of people across the globe with a fast and convenient way to earn a living. However, not everybody meets the application requirements. DoorDash has specific criteria for who they let deliver orders. This has some potential independent contractors wondering if they meet the requirements. Will DoorDash Let Me Drive With a … Read moreCan I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI?

855 973 1040 – Doordash Phone Number?

DoorDash has amassed over 1,000,000 delivery drivers across the globe! With all these delivery drivers, it can be awkward to communicate effectively. Some DoorDash delivery personnel has reported calls from the delivery apps customer support team. Although this sounds perfectly natural, many drivers have had less than savory interactions. 855-973-1040 – Who’s Calling Me? The … Read more855 973 1040 – Doordash Phone Number?