Best Chipotle Bowl Order

If you want to eat out at Chipotle, you may wonder what the best Chipotle bowl option is? This is a good question considering Chipotle has several bowl options that you can order to your taste.

Especially if you have never been to Chipotle, you may not know just what menu option to choose. Chipotle offers several options, from bowls to tacos to burritos and more, so you may want to be prepared when going into the restaurant.

Keep reading to find out what Chipotle bowl is the best option to order.

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What is The Best Chipotle Bowl Order?

The best Chipotle bowl order is the burrito bowl that features all of the best ingredients at Chipotle. With this bowl, you get to choose from chicken or steak along with sides such as rice, beans, veggies, guacamole, and green salsa.

How To Make the Best Chipotle Bowl Order

This bowl is incredibly filling and gives you all of the tastiness of a burrito without the actual burrito. Many people prefer this option as it is easier to eat and does not get as soggy as quickly as an actual burrito does.

This is a delicious option at Chipotle and is one of its most popular options by far. It is also the most ordered bowl option in most locations as it is versatile and can be mixed and matched per person.

Despite being loaded with so many different options, the burrito bowl is still very healthy. It does not contain too many calories or grams of fat considering the amount of food that you get.

What Are The Best Chipotle Bowl Combinations?

When it comes to Chipotle, one of the star features is its versatile menu. This allows you to mix and match your menu item with whatever ingredients that you like.

Best Chipotle Bowl Order

This allows customers to create all kinds of different bowl combinations to suit their tastes. This is a great way of mixing up what you normally eat to try some new flavors.

When it comes to Chipotle bowl combinations, the sky’s the limit to what you can pick and choose. Many Chipotle regulars have their own special combinations that they like to order.

One delicious combo is barbacoa, white rice, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, and guacamole. This is a fresh bowl that is filling yet light enough to enjoy without feeling weighed down.

Other popular combinations include white rice, chicken, salsa, corn, chee, and guacamole. Or rice, half chicken and chorizo, salsa, corn, and cheese.

How you make your Chipotle bowl combination is completely up to you. Some people like it heavy and rich, while others like it fresh and light. Some like a spicy bowl, while others prefer it to be mild or medium.

What is The Best Chipotle Chicken Bowl?

The keto chicken bowl is one of the most popular bowl options at Chipotle for chicken. This bowl includes chicken and topping options of cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and guacamole.

Though many people like to change up their chicken burrito bowl to create a custom meal all their own.

Some creative chicken bowl combinations include chicken, rice, beans, corn, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Others include chicken, sour cream, pico de gallo, corn, lettuce, white rice, cilantro, and cheese.

You have all kinds of variations that you can make to fit what you are craving. Many of Chipotle’s customers do not simply stick to the menu when ordering their food.

Many of the most popular Chipotle chicken bowls aren’t even necessarily on the menu. They are just creations from people who know what they want and combine their meals to include everything that they are craving.

How To Make the Best Chipotle Bowl Order?

The best Chipotle bowl is typically the burrito bowl. This option gives you fillings like steak, chicken, salsa, rice, beans, veggies, and guacamole.

Though the burrito bowls at Chipotle are highly variable and can be made according to what you want to eat. You do not have to order exactly what is on the menu, in fact, many Chipotle customers don’t do this at all.

Most regular Chipotle customers tend to make their own creations depending on what they like to eat. This could include variations like chicken, salsa, corn, sour cream, beans, and rice.

Or it could be something simple like steak, veggies, guacamole, rice, and salsa. You can create all kinds of burrito bowls to suit your appetite.

This is one of the things that sets Chipotle apart from the rest of the fast-food restaurants. It gives you many more combination options, which allows each customer to order exactly what they want.

This results in happier customers and better business as people know that they aren’t limited to what is on the menu. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the best bowl for you and what you’re craving.

You can choose from all kinds of meat, veggies, beans, and rice options to make your meal your own.

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