Can You Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness?

If you are new to Planet Fitness, you may wonder if you are allowed to bring a guest.

Or what kinds of policies Planet Fitness has around members bringing guests to work out.

This is an essential topic with Planet Fitness as it has particular guidelines for this kind of thing.

If you want to work out at Planet Fitness, you must follow its guest policies.

Please keep reading to discover what kinds of policies Planet Fitness has around members bringing guests.

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Can Planet Fitness Members Bring a Guest?

Anyone who is a member of Planet Fitness has the benefit of being able to bring a guest with them. You must invite your guest via the Planet Fitness app to do this. They can sign in online to accompany you to the gym.

  • The black card membership plan allows you to have one guest with you at a time, though you can bring a different one whenever you like.
  • This is not limited to one person, just one person at a time as your guest.
  • Guests are only permitted to use the workout area; they cannot go to other branches of Planet Fitness. Remember this when inviting your guest and ensure they understand the restrictions.

You are also allowed to bring a guest whenever you visit the gym. There are no restrictions here. This will enable you to be accompanied any time you visit Planet Fitness. This could be as frequently as visiting the gym every day or multiple times a day.

Just make sure you invite your guest to the Planet Fitness app so that they can be signed in. This makes the process faster and easier, allowing you two to get straight into your workout.

Can Planet Fitness Guests Go Without a Member?

A member has to be there to help the guest get into Planet Fitness. A guest needs help to go alone. So your friend cannot go to the gym as your guest as long as you accompany them, though you can work out separately once there.

Guest Rules

Once inside, your guest can work out wherever they want in the workout area, but you need to be present. The two of you must also leave together as the guest needs help.

There is no way to get around this rule, even if you give your guest your black card to get in. this will not work as your photo comes up when Planet Fitness uses your card to ID you.

Free One-Day Workout Opportunity

The only way to get around this is for your guest to bring a free one-day workout opportunity. Planet Fitness allows this one-time to guests if they consider becoming a member.

This could land you a free workout session if you need a member to help you get in. Just keep in mind that this will only work once. Then it would help if you worked out with a member unless you become one yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness’s Policy on Bringing Guests

If you are a black card member of Planet Fitness, you can bring a guest with you free of charge. This applies to one geist; you can obtain one every time you work out.

This is one of the benefits of being a black card member, as you do not have to pay extra.

Those with a basic membership cannot bring a guest as they do not have this perk. Any guests with you must pay $20 to work out inside the gym.

Your guests can get a free workout session if they consider getting their membership. Planet Fitness occasionally allows this to give people an opportunity to see what the gym is like.

If your guest does pay $20 to attend the gym for one day, that can be applied to their membership fee if they decide to become a member. This will give them two months free on a basic plan as it costs $10 a month.

Bringing Two Guests to Planet Fitness

You cannot bring two guests to Planet Fitness even if you are a black card member. This is because only one guest at a time is allowed, even on a black card membership plan.

You can bring a new guest to the gym, but it can only be one at a time. If you wish to bring two at once, one will be free, and the other will have to pay a $20 fee to get in.

One at a Time

Planet Fitness doesn’t allow members to bring more than one guest at a time. This could overcrowd the gym and result in the gym losing money from people who don’t have a membership.

If your friend enjoys working out at Planet Fitness, they could get a basic membership plan for themselves. This is only $10 and will allow them to work out whenever they like.

They won’t be able to bring their guest, but this will allow you to get a new guest who needs a membership.

One Day Fee

If anyone pays the $20 to get in for one day and decides they want a membership, this amount will be removed from their plan. So they will get two free months on the primary $ 10-a-month membership.

Can You Bring a Minor as a Guest to Planet Fitness?

Any minors that go to Planet Fitness must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. Minors that this applies to are those between 13 and 14.

Members between the ages of 15 and 17 can go to Planet Fitness without a guardian as long as they have a waiver. This waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and kept on file at Planet Fitness.

If you wish to bring any minors as a guest, they must adhere to these two rules by Planet Fitness. Guests who are 18 must have a legal ID to identify their age to Planet Fitness employees.

You can technically bring a minor as a guest though it is a bit more complicated. It is much easier if you are the parent or guardian bringing your child to the gym.

What Is Planet Fitness’s Policy on Bringing Guests?

What is The Policy on Bringing Guests to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness allows black card members to bring one guest every time they work out. This could be as frequently as going multiple times a day with different guests.


You cannot bring more than one guest at a time, even on a black card membership.

Only one guest is allowed at a time, though you can bring a different one whenever you go.

You must also be with your guest. They cannot go without you even if they have your black card. Planet Fitness scans the card’s ID to see that your guest is not you; your photo will pop up.

If you have a basic membership that costs $10 a month, you cannot bring a guest.

This is an added benefit of upgrading to a black card membership instead of the basic plan.

Guests that do not have a black card member to go with will have to pay a $20 fee to get in for a day to work out. They can get a free pass if they are also interested in getting a membership.

Remember that all guests are only allowed in the workout area and not anywhere else in the gym. They don’t have access to the other benefits you get as a black card member.

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