Can I Pull a U-Haul Trailer With a Penske Truck?

If you have used both U-Haul and Penske for truck and trailer rentals, you may be wondering if you can tow a U-haul trailer with a Penske truck. This is something that you will need to do your research on before actually doing it to make sure it is allowed.

These are both great rental options that are widely popular and affordable. If you want to pull a u-haul trailer with your rented Penske truck, here is everything that you need to know.

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Can I Use a Penske Truck to Pull U-haul Trailer?

You cannot use a Penske truck to tow a u-haul trailer, it is not allowed as it creates a liability. Penske does not allow any customers to tow non-Penske-owned equipment behind its trucks as this is too risky for the company.

This is not an uncommon rule for many companies as they do not want to be responsible for other company’s property. It is also a good marketing tactic as it encourages customers to use only their equipment and vehicles.

If you wish to use a Penske truck to tow a trailer, you will need to rent a Penske trailer as well. Or you can rent a U-Haul truck to tow the u-haul trailer instead.

You cannot do it both ways, however, and must choose one company to use instead of both. This not only helps to protect Penske but helps to make the process simpler for you as well.

How Much Weight Can a Penske Truck Tow?

Penske rentals offers two different options to help you tow large items behind its rental trucks. This helps you to customize the rental that you get to accommodate what you will be towing.

A Penske truck can tow anywhere from 4,050 to 4,300 lbs depending on the towing option that you choose. Penske offers car carriers and tow dollies to accommodate whatever you are towing.

If you are not sure what kind of towing gear you need to rent, you can always ask someone who works at Penske. They should be able to help you figure out what you need according to how much weight you will be towing.

It is important to ask for help if you need it to ensure that you are renting the right equipment. You do not want to try to tow a heavy trailer without the right gear for that weight.

Doing so would risk causing damage to the trailer or truck, which can result in a hefty bill once you return your rentals.

Why is U-Haul Cheaper Than Penske?

Can I Pull a U-Haul Trailer With a Penske Truck

If you go over the prices between U-Haul and Penske, you will find that one option is the more affordable alternative. That option is U-Haul as it offers slightly better prices than Penske.

This is not a dramatic difference, but there is a difference, especially if you plan on renting multiple items. Rented gear adds up very quickly with Penske, while you can get more for your money with U-Haul.

You may be wondering why that is considering that U-Haul and Penske seem so similar. Both companies are similar in how they run, what they offer customers and their policies.

Whale U-Haul is most well known for its u-haul trailers, Penske is better known for its trucks. Penske tends to be a bit more expensive as it offers some of the highest quality of rented trucks.

This is why you may want to use a Penske truck to tow a trailer, rather than a U-Haul truck. Both are great options, but Penske stands apart quality-wise as its trucks are top-quality towing vehicles.

This is the biggest thing that sets Penske and U-Haul apart from each other when it comes to prices. Which option you choose will really depend on what matters the most to you, quality or price.

Either way, U-Haul still provides great quality for a very affordable price.

Can a Penske Truck Pull a U-haul Trailer?

You cannot rent a Penske truck for the purpose of pulling a u-haul trailer. Penske has a strict policy that does not allow its customers to use non-Penske equipment with its trucks.

This is mostly due to liability concerns as Penske does not want to be responsible for another company’s rental. Whether that be, rented gear or a trailer from U-Haul.

Can a Penske Truck Pull a U-haul Trailer?

This would put Penske in a position where it is responsible for that rental and could be liable for any damages. Because of these concerns, Penske only allows customers to use Penske equipment together.

This is a safety measure that makes sure Penske is not held accountable for any damage to another company’s requirements. It also just works out better overall as Penske equipment is made to work together.

It is important to acknowledge this policy, as you could get into trouble for not following it. You could also be held accountable for any kind of damage done when using Penske equipment with other company’s equipment.

You will need to decide which company to go with instead. Penske or U-Haul. Both are very popular and are affordable with many great qualities.

Penske is slightly more expensive due to its exceptional quality of Penske trucks. Though U-Haul follows close behind with good quality equipment for a very reasonable price.

You will want to do your research so that you can better decide which company is the right option for you. They are both great options, so it will just come down to personal preference and your budget.

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