Can You Buy Chipotle Tortillas?

If you really like the tortillas at Chipotle, you may be wondering if you can buy them. This is a common question as many customers love the taste and texture of Chipotle tortillas.

Chipotle only serves high-quality tortillas that are much better than what many have tasted before. This is why many customers often want to find the same tortillas that they can buy for themselves.

To find out whether or not you can buy the tortillas at Chipotle, keep reading.

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Can You Buy The Tortillas at Chipotle?

You cannot buy the flour tortillas that Chipotle serves, as these are made specifically for Chipotle and aren’t sold elsewhere. The corn tortillas are a very basic recipe that is traditionally made by many brands and can be found in several places.

What Makes Chipotle Tortillas so Good

Chipotle uses its partnerships with tortilla facilities where it buys high-quality tortillas. It offers two kinds, corn tortillas, and flour tortillas.

The flour tortillas are all-natural, and the recipe is designed only for Chipotle. This type of tortilla is not sold elsewhere as it is only made for Chipotle restaurants.

The corn tortillas are made from a traditional recipe of water and corn masa. These are very common and are most likely sold to other restaurants as well as grocery stores.

You can buy corn tortillas elsewhere that probably taste exactly like the ones at Chipotle, though there is no way of knowing if it is the exact brand. For the flour tortillas, you will have to try different brands to find something similar.

There is no way to buy the exact tortillas sold at Chipotle.

What Makes Chipotle Tortillas so Good?

The tortillas at Chipotle are so good because they are made to maintain moisture and remain flexible. Its flour tortillas are made specifically to be soft and supple and not become stiff like other tortillas.

Can You Buy Chipotle Tortillas

They are also all-natural and free of any unnecessary preservatives, flavorings, or colorants. They are made with simple ingredients so that their true flavor is able to shine through.

They are steam-cooked to maintain moisture and stay nice and flexible. This makes each flour tortilla soft, slightly chewy, and very stretchy, perfect for burritos or soft tacos.

This is very different from the typical flour tortilla that is bland and stiff. As well as being far too chewy and too stiff to hold a lot of fillings for a burrito.

The corn tortillas at Chipotle are made of a traditional recipe made of only two ingredients. This allows the true flavor of the corn masa to shine through, giving them a delicious flavor.

They are delicious when crunchy and are crisp and flavorful, not at all bland or chewy.

Are Chipotle Tortillas Made Fresh?

Because Chipotle does not make its own tortillas, they are not made fresh to be served. They are bought beforehand in large orders from Chipotle’s tortillas suppliers.

They are just as fresh as any tortilla you would buy in a grocery store, as they are carefully packaged to remain as fresh as possible before being served to you.

This comes as a surprise to many Chipotle fans as their tortillas taste like they are made fresh. This is mostly due to Chipotle’s high-quality tortilla providers who make the tortillas to taste as good as possible.

Can The Tortillas at Chipotle Be Bought?

The tortillas at Chipotle cannot be bought elsewhere as there is no way of knowing what brands are the same tortillas. The corn tortillas are no different from any other corn tortillas as it is the same traditional recipe.

Though the flour tortillas are all-natural, and the recipe was created specifically for Chipotle. Because of this, no other restaurants or grocery stores will carry this type of tortilla.

This may be a disappointment to many Chipotle fans, as the Chipotle tortillas are always a big hit. But you cannot buy these specific tortillas outside of Chipotle as there is no way of knowing who makes them.

Chipotle uses facilities to make their tortillas and does not disclose the brand or the recipe itself.

One way to get some Chipotle tortillas is to ask if you can get extras each time you eat at Chipotle. Most chipotles will let you do this at a small extra charge or no extra charge.

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