Can You DoorDash On A Motorcycle?

Can You DoorDash On A Motorcycle?

If you’ve ever seen the recent DoorDash commercial you may have seen the Dashers that deliver on anything but cars and wonder if it would be acceptable to DoorDash on a motorcycle.

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Can I Work For DoorDash On My Motorcycle?

Yes, you can work for DoorDash on your motorcycle. DoorDash actually lets you go to work for them on any vehicle that is legally registered in your state. Working for DoorDash on a motorcycle is likely going to be a fun experience for everyone involved.

Will I Be Limited to Certain Orders?

Yes, most definitely. If you get an order for 6 coffees it may not be wise to accept this order. This will not turn out too well for you.

Trying to ride a motorcycle and hold onto several cups of coffee is a bad idea and it’s also very dangerous. You could spill the hot coffee all over yourself and get burned. This could lead to you running off the road into a ditch or running into oncoming traffic.

Either one would be a big disaster for everyone involved. The good thing is that you’re not likely to get such an order. If you do happen to get an order that is as dangerous as this then you have the right to decline or cancel the order. DoorDash will give you the details of the order, how much it pays, what is the distance and you can choose to accept or decline it.

Also, if you got an order for two bowls of soup I wouldn’t accept this kind of order either. Again, it’s not likely that you will get this kind of order but you may. So keep an eye on your orders and think it over before you accept.

Try to imagine what the delivery experience would be like on a motorcycle. You also have to take into account the distance you will be traveling. Food is likely to cool off quicker on a motorcycle and no one wants cold food when it should be hot.

Are Deliveries Faster?

Yes, deliveries can be faster on a motorcycle but this is not always the case. Motorcycles can go potentially faster than a car but that doesn’t mean you should go as fast as possible.

As a motorcycle driver you still have traffic laws to obey which could result in a delivery taking just as long as it would have in a car. While it is possible to zoom in and out of traffic, if the highway is let’s say backed up with traffic you still won’t be able to get through.

Remember that it is dangerous to try to drive extremely fast in any kind of vehicle and a motorcycle is certainly no exception.

If the roads are clear and you are going the speed limit, you may be able to get the food to the customer quicker than usual. The customer will thank you for being careful with their food and getting it to them on time.

There may even be different routes that you can take on a motorcycle to deliver the food faster. A motorcycle can go some places that a car or truck cannot.

For example, there may be a bike trail on the way to the customer’s home that cuts your delivery time by 5 to 10 minutes. While this may not seem like much, you are saving time.

Every minute counts towards the happiness of the customer. No customer will mind you arriving 10 minutes earlier than the last delivery driver.

What Are Some Alternatives to DoorDashing On a MotorCycle?

Working on a motorcycle seems really cool but it is not always the best option. Inclement weather can make riding on a motorcycle a bit difficult if not impossible. Imagine trying to deliver orders on a motorcycle in the rain, sleet or snow.

This could end badly for you and the customer’s food. Not only that but you could lose the food while riding on the motorcycle if you do not have a way to secure it.

There are some alternatives to riding a motorcycle with DoorDash. One great alternative is a car or truck. This is likely the best alternative you are going to find when working as a DoorDasher.

Cars have floors and seats where you can safely place the food so it doesn’t spill, leak or waste.

Another alternative to a motorcycle would be a bike. While a bike doesn’t go nearly as fast as a car or even a motorcycle, it can be a fun way to make deliveries. You will also get really good exercise from riding your bike to make deliveries.

So this is certainly a win-win situation.

Unless you have really strong legs, you may want to check the miles you will have to travel on your bike.

Will DoorDash Allow a Driver to Work On A Motorcycle?

DoorDash says it is okay for a DoorDasher to make deliveries on a legally registered motorcycle. You must have tags and insurance on the motorcycle before you can actually use it to make deliveries with DoorDash. Make sure you get everything covered so you can deliver orders on your motorcycle.

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