Does DoorDash Delivery Fee Go To The Driver?

Does DoorDash Delivery Fee Go To The Driver?

So it’s no secret that DoorDash charges a delivery fee. Where does that delivery fee go? Well, that’s a very good question. It obviously goes into someone’s pocket but who?

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Do DoorDash Drivers Get The Delivery Fee?

Yes, DoorDash drivers get 100% of the delivery fee that customers pay. This wasn’t always the case but after some complaints were filed this became the new way. DoorDash drivers keep everything they make and that’s a good thing for DoorDashers everywhere.

Did DoorDash Use to Keep the Delivery Fee?

DoorDash never actually kept the delivery fee that was paid for by the customer. Rather, they actually held on to the tips that were being paid by the customer. These tips were meant for the DoorDash driver not DoorDash the company.

This became a real big issue and a lot of customers filed complaints against DoorDash for pocketing their tips that they were intending for the DoorDash drivers. Obviously, DoorDash took notice of these complaints and actually decided to make a change for the better.

Today, DoorDashers now receive all of their tips and DoorDash no longer takes the tips and puts them towards the delivery fee that they pay the drivers. Usually guests of hotels give good tips.

This was wrong on so many levels anyway. DoorDashers earn their money when they accept orders and make it their aim to reach the customer on time and they don’t eat the food themselves. You have to have orders to get paid.

Never should this have been an issue but it was. The problem has been corrected so most people are happy with this new change. It was truly for the better.

Why Does DoorDash Charge a Delivery Fee?

It’s all about good service right. Since DoorDash is only a delivery service, they don’t actually make money when you place orders with different restaurants. So they have to charge some kind of fees to be able to successfully operate the DoorDash platform, provide good service and pay their Dashers.

They choose to charge a delivery fee so they can basically keep DoorDash up and running and keep their workers compensated.

You may not see the point in charging a delivery fee when they also charge a service fee with each order. Again, in combination with the delivery fee, the service fee helps them to maintain the business and keep it up and running.

With every business, there are operational costs and workers have to be compensated for their time and hard work. What better way to do this than charge a delivery fee on each order. Every order requires the payment of a delivery fee with the exception of first time customers who place their first orders on the platform.

DoorDash likes to use promotional tactics to get people to sign up for DoorDash and use the platform instead of other delivery services such as UberEats and GrubHub. These are competitors that DoorDash doesn’t want to win the business of their potential customers. So they have to market and promote in a way that is appealing to first time customers.

How Do Dashers Get Paid If No Delivery Fee Is Charged? 

It is not exactly clear how Dashers get paid on orders that have free delivery. However, it can be speculated that they are given the service fee which is also a fee charged on each DoorDash order.

Just because an order qualifies for free delivery doesn’t mean that they won’t be charged a service fee. It would make sense for DoorDash to still compensate Dashers for delivering that order.

Maybe they rely on tips alone on these kinds of orders but one would think there would be a lot of upset Dashers if this were the case. It’s nothing for Dashers to complain to DoorDash about unfair pay so this would be a good cause for complaint.

This is something worth looking into and figuring out before going to work for DoorDash. There should be some kind of written statement explaining how this arrangement actually works. It’s worth doing your due diligence and researching the issue on the DoorDash website or in related forums.

Rest assured that DoorDash is going to make sure their Dashers are compensated and paid something for every order. Even if it’s not a lot or what they may have wanted to make, they will get some kind of payment and that is encouraging to know.

DoorDash may not be perfect and they have a lot of flaws but I can guarantee you they won’t just leave a worker hanging because of something they have been promoting to make more money in the first place.

How Much Do DoorDashers Get Paid?

How much DoorDashers get paid varies and really depends on the orders themselves. For example, a Dasher may accept an order for $60. There is a $6 delivery fee and the service fee is $3. DoorDash does not pay for the gas of dashers.

The customer may tip the Dasher $8. So from my understanding, the Dasher would receive the $6 delivery fee, all of it and the entire $8 tip which amounts to $14 in total. Now, this is simply an example.

This doesn’t mean that a $60 order would pay this little. I would like to think that Dashers are receiving more than this amount per order but I could be completely wrong. I have heard varying amounts when it comes to how much DoorDashers are paid.

It’s hard to say for sure. Because they are gig workers or independent contractors their pay is not steady or regular at all. They could make $100 one day from delivering orders with DoorDash and only make $45 on another day.

Each day there are going to be a different number of orders for each Dasher to accept. The fun thing is they can choose the orders they want to accept and I think it’s even possible to see just how much they will make from each order before accepting it.

Are Dashers Given the Delivery Fee?

DoorDashers are indeed given the delivery fee for each order. The company allows them to keep any tips given to them. DoorDash does take a commission from the delivery fee. With this, they cover basic operations costs, including payment processing, order fulfillment, customer support, and marketing.

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