Which DoorDash Orders To Accept?

Which DoorDash Orders To Accept?

It’s no secret that you should not accept any and all orders that come your way. While this can be tempting especially if you’re strapped for cash, there are several things to consider before accepting an order.

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What Orders Should I Accept On DoorDash?

You should accept orders that you can easily deliver to the customer without a lot of hassle. This means that you have taken into consideration the things you will have to do to deliver this order on time including the distance you will have to travel.

Why Shouldn’t I Accept All Orders That I Am Offered?

You should not accept all the orders that you are offered or that are available to you. One reason is because you may not be familiar with the area.

Yes, there is such a thing as GPS. If you have no idea where you’re going and you aren’t good at following directions, DoorDash may not be the job for you. Another option you have is to simply choose orders in areas that you are familiar with.

You also shouldn’t accept orders that you don’t think pay enough. There will be orders with low pay depending on many factors such as the amount of the tip, delivery fee, order amount, delivery time and distance to the customer’s home.

There are usually more orders available than you can actually deliver in a day. Don’t be greedy and accept more orders than you can handle.

I’m not sure how many orders you are allowed to accept at one time but you have to take into consideration factors that may influence your ability to deliver each order.

What Orders Should I Decline on DoorDash?

Decline orders that you don’t want to deliver. If it’s too far out or it’s farther out than you plan to drive, don’t accept the order. Just decline it.

If the pay is not worth it to you then you should also decline these kinds of orders. Leave those orders that aren’t appealing to you to someone else.

This one is hard to pinpoint but maybe you don’t feel comfortable going to a certain part of town or entering a certain neighborhood due to high crime rates or whatever it is. I think it is okay to decline these orders as well because that is something you are allowed to do on DoorDash.

Just make sure you aren’t using stereotypes and being judgemental. If you have safety concerns or feel unsure about driving to an unknown place then you should decline the order.

Maybe you recognize a particular address where you may have had a bad experience. It is alright to decline such orders. There are some regular customers who are always ordering from DoorDash and they are sometimes difficult customers. This particular customer may look for things to be wrong with their order or complain unnecessarily.

You can’t change the person but you can choose not to accept the order. By declining this order you will allow someone who is more equipped to accept the order.

What To Do If I’m Unable to Deliver the Order On Time?

If you accept an order and then something comes up that prevents you from delivering on time, cancel the order. This will open the order for someone else. There may be a limit on how long you have to cancel an order.

If for some reason you can’t cancel the order, reach out to DoorDash management for support. They will be more than happy to help you cancel your order and pass it to someone else.

Unfortunate events and family emergencies happen sometimes and it may interfere with your ability to work. Don’t simply do a no-show and not deliver the order at all. Cancel the order or reach out for help to cancel.

It’s always better to cancel than leave the customer waiting and never show. A no-show could result in an angry customer, complaints filed, and even the loss of your job. To prevent this from happening, cancel or decline the order in the first place.

Which DoorDash Orders Should I Accept?

You should accept DoorDash orders that you can deliver on time. The orders you accept should be in familiar locations and the pay must be satisfying for you. If you have a problem with the order do not accept it and leave it for someone else to pick up.

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