Can You Make a Living Off DoorDash

Can You Make a Living Off DoorDash

If you are looking into becoming a DoorDash driver, you may be wondering if you can make a living off of DoorDash? Is it enough to supplement a full income all on its own?

These are the type of questions that you might be asking yourself if you want to Dash full-time. If this is a concern of yours, these answers should help you to better understand how much you can make through DoorDash.

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Can You Make a Full Income Off of DoorDash?

Anyone who wants to start Dashing full-time is most likely curious about whether or not DoorDash can be a complete income. And the good news is that it really can.

DoorDash is very capable of becoming a full-time income for dedicated drivers.

Despite what many people may think, DoorDash is full of opportunities for growth and increased income. In fact, many Dashers are able to make a full-time income working with a very flexible schedule.

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How Much Do DoorDashers Make?

doordash how much can you earn

DoorDash drivers make a pretty wide amount of income. This can come down to many different factors, such as location, quality of orders, and work time.

Dashers generally make $19 to $25 per hour. This is well above the US minimum wage and can add up quickly depending on how many hours you work per week.

Top earners on DoorDash make around $1,000 a week, which adds up to $52,000 a year. While the average Dasher makes $703 a week and $36,565 a year.

This shows just how profitable DoorDash can be for a Dasher who is willing to go the extra mile. These numbers reflect Dashers working as deliverers full time because you could not earn this much only working part-time.

How much you can ultimately earn will largely depend on the area where you work. If you live in a small town, these numbers are quite unrealistic.

Drivers who work in large cities or can deliver to multiple cities make the largest income. As they have much more access to a large number of high-quality orders.

Location is something to keep in mind if you are trying to earn a full income through DoorDash driving.

Doordash Is Always An Option

With DoorDash, you have the opportunity to work as much as you like. Giving you the opportunity to make more money every week depending on how much time you are willing to work.

It is not uncommon for Dashers to make minimum wage and higher working less than normal work hours. This gives them the flexibility to work as they like while making a full income nonetheless.

The important thing to keep in mind is that DoorDash can be here and there when it comes to work. Sometimes it’s busy, and sometimes it’s not. Or an influx in drivers could make it harder to take orders.

Like any job where you are an independent contractor, it can be unpredictable. Unlike a normal job, you will not be getting a dependable paycheck every week. It will often fluctuate as work opportunities fluctuate.

How Often Do DoorDashers Work?

Generally, the Dashers that are making a full-time income are working full-time hours. This is because DoorDash is profitable, but you won’t get rich working there. You still have to put in the hours.

Dashers that are making a full income usually work 30 to 40 hours a week. This provides enough hours of work to reach that full-time income that you want.

The beauty about DoorDash is there are no minimum amounts of time that you have to work or a maximum amount of time. You can work as frequently as you like.

Because DoorDash is open 24 hours a day, you could technically work 24 hours, though it wouldn’t be the best idea.

Because the courts are so flexible, you could work a few very long days a week and take a long weekend. Or you could simply spread your hours out throughout the week.

That is part of the appeal of DoorDash since you are in complete control of your hours. Which lets you also control how much you can make per week.

How Can I Make More Off of DoorDash?

If you still haven’t been able to hit that full-time income just yet, there are a few ways that you can move your progress along.

One thing that you can do to easily start making more money is to work during rush hour times of the day. That would include breakfast, lunch, and dinner times when the most orders are coming in.

This is an easy way to get access to more orders, so that you can earn more per hour.

Another thing that you can do is travel to neighboring cities and towns to make deliveries. This can be a great way to get access to more orders on a regular basis.

You could also keep an eye out for DoorDash hotspots since these are areas where orders are coming in frequently.

Another simple option would be to prioritize fast orders as well as orders with tips. These will add up faster, resulting in a bigger payout.

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Can I Live Off of a DoorDash Income?

If you are willing to work hard and hone your delivery skills, it is very possible to make an income through DoorDash. And a very good income at that.

Unlike other side hustles, DoorDash has the unique ability to transform into a full-time gig. That allows you to work when you want as long as you want.

This is an amazing option for anyone looking to have more control over their line of work. Or for anyone who enjoys the peace of working alone at their own hours.

There is a lot of flexibility with DoorDash drivers, which is part of its appeal to people. Because it allows you to have control over how much you work and earn.

It isn’t easy, and you will have to work just as hard as anyone else. DoorDash is not going to make you rich or hand out free money any time soon. But it is a good option if you are looking for a flexible job.

A job that allows you the freedom of being self-employed with a steady stream of income coming in every week.

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