Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Discontinued

If you had the opportunity to taste the chipotle ranch Cheetos, you may have noticed that they are no longer available in stores. This may lead you to wonder just where they have gone or if the chipotle ranch Cheetos have been discontinued.

This new flavor came out without much advertising at all, resulting in many people simply having to discover these Cheetos. They were a quick hit as people loved the bright and zesty flavors that made this flavor stand out from the rest.

Keep reading to find out whether or not the chipotle ranch Cheetos have been discontinued for good.

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Are the Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Discontinued?

The chipotle ranch Cheetos disappeared without anyone knowing what happened and without any announcement. Though their influencer page on the Frito-Lay website mentions that they have been discontinued.

This came as a huge disappointment to those who fell in love with this Cheeto flavor when it came out.

It came out quietly and was only discovered by those looking to try a new Cheeto flavor. Making it all the more disappointing to see it go so suddenly.

Within just a year, the chipotle ranch Cheetos had disappeared from the stores, leaving fans to worry that they were gone for good. Unfortunately, it seems as though these fears were correct and that this flavor of Cheetos is gone.

This came as a surprise to many of the Cheeto fans as the flavor had only been out for such a limited time. Many times new Cheeto flavors are marketed more and stay on the market for a longer period of time, even if they aren’t popular.

The flamin chipotle ranch Cheetos were not the most popular flavor, but they did become very well-known. This is why many fans find it so strange that the Cheetos would suddenly be discontinued.

Why Were the Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Discontinued?

Why the chipotle ranch Cheetos were discontinued is truly a mystery for most people. These Cheetos took the world of snacks by storm and gained a huge following of hungry fans.

Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Discontinued

Despite all of that, the Cheetos were discontinued very promptly, barely being out on the market for a year before disappearing. This came without explanation from the company, making it hard to understand just what happened.

Despite being technically discontinued, there are whispers that these snacks are still being sold. Many people have still; been able to find them despite the fact that they are a bit harder to find.

Certain stores still carry them, and they may also be more readily available in certain locations and harder to find in others. This is part of what has confused people as they are discontinued but still being sold.

We still have no idea why that is, but you can most likely still get your hands on these chipotle ranch Cheetos if you want them.

What Did the Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Taste Like?

The chipotle ranch Cheetos were a bit of a flavor combination since there are other similarly flavored Cheetos. These stood out from the rest, however, as they were the complete package.

They were described by many fans as being:

  • Spicy
  • Cool
  • Zesty

The chipotle is very prominent, making these Cheetos perfect for any spice lovers out there that can take a little heat. Though it is not overwhelmingly spicy as the ranch helps to tone the flavor down and add some balance.

Overall, these Cheetos were frequently described as being very balanced in their flavor, a perfect treat for many people. Even those who do not typically like spicy foods could enjoy these crunchy snacks.

Now the only trouble is trying to get your hands on them to give them a taste.

Have the Chipotle Ranch Cheetos Been Discontinued?

As per the Frito-Lay website, the chipotle ranch Cheetos have technically been discontinued. This is unfortunate for its fans who only had about a year to enjoy this zesty and spicy snack.

Though there is still hope for those who want to still enjoy these snacks as they don’t seem to be completely gone. You may still be able to get your hands on them as some places are still selling them.

We still don’t know why this favor was supposedly discontinued or why they are still available in some places. It is a mystery, but it means that you may still be able to try this crunchy snack even though it’s discontinued.

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