Dairy-Free Meal Delivery

Though there are more and more dairy-free options becoming available, it can still be hard to find dairy-free foods for yourself. This is a common issue that people have if they are vegan or simply cannot handle consuming dairy.

Many people are sensitive to dairy and cannot consume it without terrible side effects.

This often has something to do with how hard dairy is on the digestive tract and how humans struggle to process it.

dairy-free meals

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Why Go Dairy-Free?

Many people even avoid dairy just because they don’t like it or prefer to not have it in their food. Either way, it can be difficult to make delicious and filling foods without dairy.

Many forms of pre-made foods contain dairy, making it hard to find any ready-to-eat options. This leaves you with the minimal options of having to cook your own food at home.

Though it can be great to cook food at home, this isn’t always ideal for every meal throughout the week. Cooking takes time, and you don’t always want to be stuck in a kitchen in the morning or the evening.

Keep reading to find out what meal delivery services offer dairy-free op[tions that you can take advantage of.

1. Thistle

Thistle is a meal delivery service that focuses mainly on supp[lyong vegans and vegetarians with delicious and filling options. All of the Thistle meals are guaranteed to be dairy-free, making everything on the menu available to you.

Thistle has also gotten creative and made some of its own dairy substitutes, giving you exciting items to try out. With Thistle, you also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, so you can have easy-to-eat meals all week long.

Everything is freshly made and delivered to you already cooked and ready to eat. Many foods are best eaten cold, like salads, but some can be heated up before eating.

Just keep in mind that Thistle has limited delivery areas, so you may not be within its zone to get delivery to your home.

2. Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals is a paleo-based meal delivery service that offers a large list of meals that you can order and have delivered. Everything on the menu is dairy-free, and the ingredients are clean and wholesome.

Ice Age Meals has multiple boxes to choose from, as well as a sampler so that you can taste test its food options. It is worth mentioning that most of its dishes have a tomato base of some kind, in case you aren’t a fan of tomatoes.

All of the Ice age Meals are also gluten, sugar, corn, nut, and soy-free, so most allergies are covered. Though this is not an ideal option for those that are vegan or vegetarian, as this company is a paleo company.

3. Green Chef

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that is known for its fresh and healthy menu selections. It uses organic ingredients when it can and keeps all of its recipes clean and nutritious with plenty of flavors.

Though Green Chef does not exclusively sell dairy-free meals, it does have dairy-free options that you can choose. You will find these options in the paleo diet plan that is already dairy-free.

You will only find six dairy-free options on a weekly basis, but those options are always changing. This can help you to try new meals and stay excited about the food that you are eating.

With Green Chef, you can order your food knowing that everything is high quality and is safely prepared.

4. Home Chef

Home Chef has a limited number of dairy-free options but is still a good option for fun and exciting meals. This is a good option if you don’t need many dairy-free meals a week, just a few to give you something to fall back on.

Home Chef allows for several different kinds of customization, though removing dairy products is not one of those options. You can expect to see two to three dairy-free options a week, with the meals constantly changing.

Because Home Chef is not a dairy-free meal service, keep in mind that your meals will be prepared in a facility that also prepares meals with dairy products.

5. Sunbasket

Sunbasket is an incredibly popular meal kit delivery service that specializes in creating meal kits that you make at home. These meal kits cater to all kinds of diets and dietary restrictions as well as being as sustainable as possible.

You won’t find a dairy-free section on the Sunbasket website, but it does have many dairy-free options. Its meals should be tagged with these details, such as if a meal is dairy-free, gluten-free, or paleo.

If you want to buy a plan that is dairy-free, your options are to get the paleo plan. This is already dairy-free as people on the paleo diet don’t eat dairy products.

You can usually find fourteen dairy-free options on a weekly basis that are constantly changing. This gives you more than enough options to pick meals that suit your tastes.

All of the Sunbasket meals only take about 20 minutes to prepare and come carefully organized with a recipe card to instruct you. You can find breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options at Sunbasket.

6. Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go is another paleo-based meal delivery company that has a lot to offer for those who don’t eat dairy. The paleo diet is naturally dairy-free, so you have a lot of options to pick through when it comes to meals.

Paleo on the Go is 100% dairy-free, giving you the freedom to order whatever you want. You can even find breakfast and dessert options on the website to help you have more diversity in your daily meals.

All of the Paleo on the Go meals arrive at your door freshly prepared and frozen for convenience. All you have to do is reheat your meal, and it is ready to go just like that.

Paleo on the Go also only creates gluten-free meals with grass-fed ingredients for the healthiest options. This gives you an excellent option if you eat a dairy-free diet and need some convenient meals on hand.

These can be ordered and stored in your freezer for a week when you need a little extra help. This allows you to stock up and order more than you need just to have more options available to you.

7. Modify Health

Modify Health is a meal delivery service that focuses on providing gut-healthy options that follow the low-FODMAP diet. This means that Modify Health has meal plans that are completely dairy-free, giving you great options to choose from.

The Mediterranean and low-FODMAP plans are 100% dairy-free, giving you at least two options to choose between. Many of these dishes even have dairy-free alternatives that taste just as good even if they aren’t the real thing.

Modify Health has made it easy to pick out your meals as you can glitter your search results to only show dairy-free options. This makes creating your order very simple and quick and reduces your chances of accidentally ordering a meal with dairy.

Modify Health always has at least 45 dairy-free meal options available, making it easy to find things that you will enjoy. All; Modify Health options are also free of other common allergens, such as gluten which can be very hard to digest.

All of the meals arrive at your home prepared and ready to be eaten, and you can pick your meals week to week. Even if you are a part of a plan, you still have the flexibility to pick and choose what you want.

You can expect all Modified Health meals to also be free of GMOs, organic, and be designed by a trained dietician. There are also plenty of vegetarian and meat protein options to choose from, depending on your diet.

8. Freshly

Freshly is another meal delivery service that offers freshly prepared meals that are ready to heat and eat right then and there. This offers the most convenient and allows you to sit back and not have to cook anything yourself.

Of all of the meal delivery options, ready-to-eat meals tend to be the most popular. This is because people want convenience, and what is more convenient than getting healthy and cooked meals delivered right to you.

Freshly is not a dairy-free based company, but it does have several dairy-free options to choose from. Freshly caters to all kinds of ways of eating and tries to offer options for everyone to enjoy.

Many people talk about the exceptional quality and flavor of Freshly food, with around 15 dairy-free options being available each week. Though it is important to mention that Freshly delivery prices can be far higher than those of its competition.

Its customer service has also received negative reviews, though it is hard to know why exactly. Overall, Freshly is a great option for dairy-free meals that arrive fully prepared and ready to be eaten.

Just keep in mind that you will be charged shipping p[roces as well as the process for the meals, so don’t be surprised by the end bill.

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