Walmart Verify Your Identity

Walmart’s official website services hundreds of thousands of orders and requests each day. In some cases, they need to verify a customer’s identity to prevent fraudulent requests.

Unfortunately, this process can be frustrating, concerning, and cause delays. Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart identity verification.

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Why Is Walmart Asking Me to Verify My Identity?

In some cases, you might run across a page that requires you to verify your identity and check a box on Walmart’s website. This is standard practice for websites and may or may not be an issue. In some cases, you might need to verify your identity because of software or network problems.

Walmart Asking For Identity Verification

Whether you’re a store employee or a customer, it’s not uncommon to run across a page that requires you to verify your identity and check a box on Walmart’s website. The page might state that it requires verification to keep your account safe. This is generally standard practice across websites.

Walmart Asking For Identity Verification

Reasons For Account Verification

Most of the time, identity verification isn’t something to be concerned about. However, it’s common to be concerned if you’ve never come across this page before. Some of the reasons Walmart might need identity verification can include:

  • Lots of spam from your area or IP address
  • The website couldn’t verify your identity automatically
  • Walmart’s website is running into glitches
  • Walmart’s network or server is running into glitches
  • Walmart’s experiencing security breaches
  • There are issues with your account
  • There are issues with your internet

Walmart Verify Your Identity

As you can see, Walmart might require identity verification for several different reasons. Most of these reasons will be from Walmart’s end. In some cases, the issue might be due to your account or the internet.

Why Does Walmart Need Identity Verification?

Identity verification is a common practice across many websites, including Walmart. Walmart states that they want to respect the customer’s trust, privacy, and information. To do so, they need to ensure it’s actually you that’s requesting personal information, not a stranger.

Walmart also states that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires identity verification for any person who requests access to their personal information or wishes to delete it from Walmart’s servers.

How Does Walmart Verify My Identity?

Walmart can verify your identity in several different manors. In some cases, Walmart utilizes third-party identification services to verify your information and prevent faulty requests. If you request personal information from Walmart, you’ll be asked a few questions about your account to verify it’s actually you.

For online accounts, you might need to log into your account and finish a one-time password process. In other cases, Walmart might require additional documentation for identity verification. However, Walmart will reach out directly for these requests.

If Walmart reaches out for additional documents, you’ll need to email forms to within ten business days.

What if Walmart Can’t Verify My Identity?

In some cases, Walmart won’t be able to verify your identity. They might not verify your identity due to server issues, system bugs, or incorrect information. In these cases, Walmart will not process your request to access your personal information. You will not be eligible to delete your personal information either.

What Information Will I Receive From Walmart?

Walmart will fully process your information request and verify your identity to the highest degree they’re capable of. However, you will only receive basic information if Walmart cannot verify your identity to a high degree of certainty. In these cases, you’ll only be able to access or delete personal information that will not cause harm or loss of data, such as your browsing history.

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Why Does Walmart Need to Verify My Identity?

Walmart might need to verify your identity for several different reasons. In most cases, they need identity verification if you’re trying to access or delete personal information. Walmart requires identity verification to protect its customers’ data from fraudulent requests. In some cases, identity verification processes can be due to software, network, or account issues.

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