Does Barnes and Noble Price Match?

Barnes and Noble is one of the best places to shop for books, games, and other trinkets. But before you go, you should consider if it’s the most affordable bookstore.

Then, you can make sure you’ll get the best deal on what you want to purchase. Here’s what you should know about saving money at Barnes and Noble.

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Will Barnes and Noble Price Match Other Stores?

Barnes and Noble does not price match other stores or their online prices. However, the bookstore chain does offer competitive prices on a lot of the items they sell. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save money at the store.

If you’re willing to shop around, you can get a good deal. That may even be from Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Stores vs. Online Pricing

You may notice that a book in a Barnes and Noble store costs more than on the website. This price difference is because online orders ship right from a warehouse. Fewer people have to package it and handle it before you get the book.

Does Barnes and Noble Price Match

That means Barnes and Noble can afford to charge less for the books. Also, the list price online doesn’t always reflect the price you’ll pay. In many cases, you will have to pay for shipping along with the books you buy.

How to Save Money at Barnes and Noble

While Barnes and Noble can be expensive, you have options if you want to save money. A few things are easy to do for one-off orders. Others may be better for regular customers looking to reduce their costs.

Either way, try the following methods to keep from spending too much at Barnes and Noble.

Order Online

If you’re willing to shop online, you may save on the cost of your books. Sadly, you can’t look inside the book or read the first chapter to make sure you’ll like it.

However, it can be more convenient to shop online. You don’t have to go to the store when it’s open, and you can easily find a specific title if you have one in mind. If you find you buy books on impulse in the store, shopping online can also help.

Now, you will probably have to pay for shipping. But the shipping can be well worth it for the convenience of browsing for books wherever you are.

Order in Bulk

If you want to shop online, consider placing one large order instead of multiple small orders. Barnes and Noble offers free shipping on orders of $35 or greater. That means you could save a significant amount if you combine all of your orders into one.

Another option is to ask friends and family if they want to buy anything from Barnes and Noble. You can have them pay you back with cash or through Venmo or PayPal. That way, you’ll both save, and you don’t have to spend the full $35 to reach the free shipping threshold.

Now, you’ll have to get the whole order sent to one address. But it’s still a good choice, and you can have your friends or relatives pick up their books in person for free.

Become a Member

If you shop at Barnes and Noble often, you may want to pay for the $25 membership. While it costs money, it offers benefits that could help the membership pay for itself.

For example, you’ll get free shipping on all online orders, even small ones. You can also save 10% on all in-store purchases and 40% off hardcover bestsellers. Barnes and Noble offers other special deals just for members.

Using the in-store discount, if you buy $250 worth of books a year, that will cover your membership. Alternatively, five online orders with regular shipping ($5.99) would cost you $29.95, so you could save almost $5 with a membership.

Review Coupons and Deals

Another thing you can do to save money at Barnes and Noble is to look for coupons and deals. The bookstore’s website has a page with active promotions.

Some books are available for the buy one, get one 50% off deal. Other deals might include free shipping or a discount on hardcover books.

Be sure to look at the Barnes and Noble website when you want to use a deal. That way, you can make sure the promotion you want is active. Or you can find something else to help you save money on your purchase.

Invest in a NOOK

If you prefer to read eBooks, you may want to get a NOOK. The NOOK is the eReader from Barnes and Noble, so it’s a great device to have. You can choose from different models, and you may even find a used one for sale somewhere.

The NOOK can seem expensive at first. However, if you like Barnes and Noble, you can get access to tons of free and cheap eBooks for your eReader.

Over time, you might actually save money on your books. You also won’t have to worry about paying for shipping like you would with physical copies.

Is Barnes and Noble Worth the Price?

Barnes and Noble can be expensive, but it’s frequently worth the cost. You get to choose from a large selection of books whether you shop in-store or online.

There are some new books as well as classics almost always available. The store also carries fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books, so there’s something for the whole family.

Plus, Barnes and Noble offers excellent customer service. If you have any questions or issues, someone can help resolve the situation.

Can You Read a Book Before Buying It?

One of the best benefits of shopping in-store is that you can read at Barnes and Noble. If you want to check out a book before you buy it, you can find a comfortable chair in the store.

Then, you’ll have a chance to read a chapter or so to see if you like the book. If so, you can buy the book, and you’ll know you’ll enjoy it. That’s a great way to make sure the book you buy will be worth the price.

What to Do After You Finish a Book

After you finish a book you bought from Barnes and Noble, you can’t necessarily return it. Like many stores, you’d need to return the book in good condition. And you have to return it within a month of the purchase.

However, a good way to get some of your money back is to find a used bookstore. Places like Half Price Books accept used books, and they’ll pay you. You may not get a ton for each book you sell, but it can add up.

That can help you reduce the cost of the books you buy. But you can still have as much time as you need to read the books.

Can You Price Match Books at Barnes and Noble?

Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble will not price match books, not even from their own website. However, you can save with coupons or by becoming a member. You can also order books in bulk to qualify for free shipping. No matter what you do, you should look for ways to save so that you can enjoy reading on a budget.

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