Does DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Does DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

If you are a DoorDash lover you will order no matter where you go. When traveling, there is less opportunity to cook and more time for eating out. You may not always feel like going out to get your fast food.

You may choose to stay in and eat at the hotel restaurant. However, if there are no restaurants on the premises or nearby you may need to order from a delivery service like DoorDash.

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Can You Get DoorDash Delivered to a Hotel Room?

Yes, in most cases you can get DoorDash delivered to a hotel room. In other cases, you will have to hang around in the lobby or check with the hotel clerk for your order if they won’t bring it directly to your room.

It would be good to ask the hotel clerk or a manager if they’ve had any trouble with DoorDash not delivering orders to their hotel rooms.

Why Wasn’t My Order Delivered to My Hotel Room?

First, you should check to make sure you have entered all of the information correctly. Be sure to include your room number and not just the hotel address. This could cause some confusion or cause your order not to be delivered at all.

It has already been said that delivery drivers are taking orders back. Don’t give them a good reason to take your food back. They could possibly eat it and you’ll never receive it.

Showing consideration for the person who has to deliver your order would be to provide all correct information.

Some of the drivers are coming a long way and may or may not be familiar with the area including the hotels. They are just going off of your directions so do them a favor and put the right information.

If you still don’t get your order while staying in a hotel, try calling the front desk and asking if DoorDash dropped off an order there. If they did then it’s as easy as going downstairs to pick it up. However, it’s possible they got confused and left your order with the wrong room.

It could be a mistake on their part. Maybe you put room 106 and they thought it was room 109 for whatever reason. You could go to this room and ask if someone left an order there but I wouldn’t expect them to be honest about it.

I Ordered DoorDash to My Hotel Room but Never Received It

It’s hard to know what went wrong when an order is not delivered as it should have been. The next best thing to do is to see if there is any contact info for your driver and reach out to them to see if your order has yet been delivered.

You may learn that the order has not been delivered and is just running late.

This could be due to factors that the driver has no control of so it may require a lot of patience on your part.

If the order has been delivered but you didn’t receive it you should investigate the situation to see what went wrong.

Ask questions that will allow you to determine if the delivery driver made a mistake or you.

Look over your order information to see if you peep any mistakes. If you don’t see anything wrong, try calling the restaurant to see if your order was ever picked up. It could be that the delivery driver actually forgot to pick up your order in the first place.

If this is the case, you can call DoorDash and file a complaint. They’ll likely want to keep you as a customer and gain more business from you so they’ll be willing to compromise to make sure you’re satisfied.

They may give you a DoorDash credit to compensate for your wait time. You can accept or decline but they can’t refuse you service over something that wasn’t your fault.

What to Do if DoorDash Won’t Deliver to My Hotel Room?

You could ask the delivery driver if they would leave your order at the front desk for you to pick up if they won’t deliver directly to your room. Check with the clerk of the hotel first before making this request with DoorDash. They may or may not allow orders to be left at the front desk.

Other than that, the best thing you can do next is to go and pick up the order yourself. You may actually be saving some time by doing this.

Will DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

DoorDash will deliver to hotel rooms as long as you provide the correct information. It would be wise to check with hotel management or the front desk clerk to make sure there are no issues with DoorDash delivering to a certain hotel.

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