Why Does DoorDash Say Free Delivery But Charges? 

Why Does DoorDash Say Free Delivery But Charges? 

When you order from DoorDash you are probably expecting free delivery but when you go to place your order you see a delivery charge. How can delivery be free and cost at the same time? It can’t be both.

Either delivery is free or it’s not.

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Why Does DoorDash Charge For Delivery When It’s Supposed to Be Free? 

DoorDash charges for delivery when it should be free because of false advertising. They say delivery is free to get you to use their service but then turn around and charge a delivery fee hoping that you don’t notice the charge. 

Anyone that knows something about DoorDash and advertising knows that sometimes DoorDash advertisements involve clickbait material. They claim to offer free shipping but they still charge a delivery fee when you place an order.

What Should I Do When DoorDash Charges a Fee for Delivery?

Since DoorDash says delivery is free they should be honoring this. Many times they don’t honor this and still charge a delivery fee.

One thing you can do is cancel your order. Yes, you may be hungry and really want the food but if you’re not willing to pay the delivery fee, I wouldn’t. It’s not fair that they kind of trick people into placing orders with them thinking that there is no delivery fee when in reality there is.

You can call DoorDash and speak with the manager about the delivery fee and how there is not supposed to be a fee. I can’t say that this will do you any good but it’s worth a try.

Or you could just ignore the fee and order anyway because its not that you can’t afford the fee but you just don’t think you should have to pay it. Sometimes we have to suck it up and do things we usually wouldn’t do.

Talking to someone at the main DoorDash headquarters is another option for you. With enough complaints DoorDash is likely to remove the delivery fee or stop advertising free delivery altogether. Either way the problem will have been solved.

Does DoorDash Really Offer Free Delivery?

DoorDash’s free delivery option is a paid marketing promotion for a $0 delivery fee. The free delivery option is only available to first time customers. That’s why you may not see free delivery when placing your order if you’ve already ordered from DoorDash before.

The free delivery option is basically an incentive for new customers only. So if you are not a new customer, unfortunately, you will not receive free delivery.

How to Get Free Delivery From DoorDash? 

One way to get free delivery from DoorDash is to be a first time customer. If you’ve never used DoorDash before you will likely be able to get a free delivery as an incentive for being a new customer.

However, if you’ve already made your first order and would still like another free delivery you could probably create a new account with a new email. Check the policies about creating multiple accounts before doing so. I’d hate for your account to get revoked or cancelled because you violated a policy.

If you are ordering in a group you could get someone who has a new account to order such as a coworker. This works well when everyone from work is ordering food with DoorDash. You can order as a group on someone else’s account when they are the ones placing the order for you.

Other than that, there is no other way that I know of that will allow you to get free delivery. However, if you file a complaint against one of the DoorDash drivers for stealing your food or eating your food you could probably get the privilege of free delivery as compensation. It all just depends on your actual situation at the time.

Why Does DoorDash Charge Me For Delivery When It Says Delivery is Free? 

DoorDash does charge a fee for all deliveries except for new deliveries. If you have a new DoorDash account you can get $0 delivery but if you’ve placed an order with DoorDash before you will be required to pay a delivery fee of a certain amount.

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