Does DoorDash Charge For PickUp

Does DoorDash Charge For PickUp

As a DoorDash customer you are probably familiar with most of the fees that they charge. However, you may be a new customer or you have never ordered pickup before and you would like to know if you’re going to be charged for pickup.

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Do I Have to Pay for Pickup on DoorDash?

No, you do not have to pay for pickup on DoorDash. There will be a pickup fee but you as the customer will not have to pay this fee. Fortunately, the pickup fee is out of your hands and you don’t have to worry about it.

If someone tells you that you have to pay for pickup when ordering from DoorDash this is not true.

You will never have to pay for pickup on DoorDash as it currently stands.

What is DoorDash’s New Pricing For Restaurants?

DoorDash has announced a new pricing for restaurants. The new pricing is 6% commission on pickup orders for the restaurants. What this means is that when an order is placed for a restaurant through DoorDash, DoorDash will take a 6% commission fee from the total of that order.

So the restaurants that are signed up with DoorDash are actually losing money when working with DoorDash. However, more people are likely to order from their restaurant because they offer the DoorDash option so this makes up for the money that DoorDash takes as a commission.

There is no telling what the commission used to be for restaurants but it is likely that that fee was a little higher than 6%. Why do I say that? Because DoorDash made the announcement of the 6% commission they would start taking from the restaurants and they made it seem like a big deal.

From doing a little research, it appears that DoorDash used to take a whopping 15% from restaurant operators. It doesn’t say if these were only pickup orders or delivery orders as well. Either way, 15% is a little too much to be taking from restaurant orders.

So I’m sure the new 6% commission looks mighty nice to DoorDash. I don’t know how many other delivery platforms take 15% commissions from restaurants but the 6% is a lot more friendly and will keep customers around longer.

Taking too much money from restaurants can come off bad and restaurants could stop doing business.

Does the Customer Have to Pay for Pickup?

No, the customer never has to pay for pickup despite what some people assume. Pickup is a fee that is charged to the restaurants. Remember, how we just discussed the 6% commission that DoorDash takes from what restaurants make off of customers?

Well, that is the pickup fee that is being charged there. If you are a customer, you should not worry that you will have to pay a pickup fee for your order. And even though some people think you are charged a fee to pick up an order, that doesn’t really make sense.

You are saving DoorDash from having to make a delivery when you decide to pick up your order instead. And while this seems like you are preventing DoorDash from making money off of that order, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You know that DoorDash is always going to find a way to be compensated for any work that they do. So even though they don’t have to deliver your food when you pick up, they still take full responsibility for getting the restaurant that particular order and therefore they are going to charge a fee even on orders such as these.

How Does DoorDash Make Money On Pickup Orders?

DoorDash makes money from pickup orders by taking a 6% commission fee from the restaurant where the order was placed. This is the main way that DoorDash makes money on pickup orders. There could be some other ways they make money on pickup orders but this has not been announced by DoorDash.

It may seem that DoorDash is not making money when you choose to pick up your orders. However, this is not the case. DoorDash will always have a way to make money whether it’s a delivery order or a pickup order.

Is DoorDash Pickup Ever Free?

DoorDash pickup is free to the customer who is placing the order. However, you may not consider that to be free because they do charge other kinds of fees just not pickup fees to the customer.

Pickup with DoorDash is never free to the restaurant. This would kind of defeat the purpose of the pickup order. DoorDash offers the pickup option so that they can not only give their customers options but also so they can make money.

As you can see, DoorDash gets it in one way or another. With delivery they charge a delivery fee and with pickup orders they don’t charge the customer a fee because they are going to pick up the order themselves. However, they can rightfully charge the restaurant a percentage of the order total for sending the customer their way.

Does DoorDash Charge Extra For Pickup?

DoorDash charges you, the customer, nothing for pickup. Therefore, they do not charge extra for pickup. However, as was mentioned earlier, DoorDash does charge the restaurant a fee.

This fee that is charged to the restaurant could be viewed as an extra fee. However, this fee really takes the place of the delivery fee so it kind of adds up when you really think about it.

DoorDash policy makes it so that the restaurant is the only one who has to pay for pickup orders. This is helpful for you the customer and actually leaves more money in your pocket to spend on other things.

Will DoorDash Make Me Pay For Pickup?

No, DoorDash will not make you pay for pickup. You are actually doing them a favor when you choose to go pick up your order because now they are able to take on other orders without having to deliver your order.

If you pick up the orders yourself, at least you won’t be annoyed by random knocks on the door by the Doordash drivers..

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  1. This isn’t true. I can tell that DoorDash prices for pickup are higher than simply ordering from the restaurant directly because the restaurant I go to leaves the receipt on the bag. For $12 order DD upcharged a little over $1. Not a significant amount but in the future if the restaurant allows me to order online or by phone I will just stick to that.

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