DoorDash Can’t Find My Address

DoorDash Can’t Find My Address

If you have tried to order from DoorDash, you might have run into address issues. Sometimes DoorDash is unable to locate certain addresses.

This can be a very inconvenient issue to be faced with. This is why it can be so useful to know just what to do when this happens.

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Why Can’t DoorDash Find My Address?

There are several reasons why DoorDash might not be able to find your address. It can often come down to small mistakes in the address that might have been missed.

Or your particular address is very similar to another address that is incorrect.

This can result in your order not being able to find you. This is a common issue for people that live in an address that is very similar to another one.

It could also be as simple as there being a very small error in the address that you added. A slight misspelling or a wrong number in your zip code could be the problem.

That is why it is always best to double-check your information just to be sure it is all correct.

DoorDash also might not be able to find you if you are ordering from a different location. Maybe your address is set to your home, but you are ordering from work.

This is another common mistake that can be easy to forget about.

What Happens If DoorDash Doesn’t Find My Address?

If the DoorDash app cannot find your address at all. It will usually prevent you from being able to make an order.

This could be because the address was added incorrectly, or it is an unidentified problem. If reading your address does not fix the issue, you could contact DoorDash support.

DoorDash support should be able to identify the problem from their end. Sometimes, certain addresses do not show up on apps for whatever reason.

If this is the case for your address and there is no obvious solution. You could try using an address that is right by your address. And leaving a note with your order with the correct address.

This isn’t an ideal solution, but it will work if you can’t fix the problem. You could even text the address to your driver to make sure they get to you.

How Do I Change My DoorDash Address?

You can easily change your address in the DoorDash app by going to the Account tab in the app. Here you will have a selection of options, one includes addresses which is what you will need to click on.

This will take you to a page where you can see your present addresses. You can use the search bar to look up the new address that you wish to use.

This is also where you can add any additional information. Such as where to put your delivery, if there is a dog living there, or if you live in an apartment building.

This new address will become your default address and will be used for all orders unless you change it.

You can take this time to delete other addresses if you no longer plan on using them. The fewer addresses you have, the less likely the chance is of your order being sent to the wrong location.

You can delete old addresses by clicking on the pencil icon, which will give you the option to edit the address. From there, you can edit it or just delete it entirely.

Once deleted it will be gone forever and no orders will be sent here.

Will DoorDash Save My Address?

DoorDash will save your address once you have put it into the app. This is an automatic function that happens for your convenience.

In fact, DoorDash can save several addresses. So if you order from several different locations, you can save them all for speedy delivery.

This can pose a problem if you forget to change your address, however. So make sure to pay attention if you have moved or order from different locations.

Can I Change My Address During a Delivery?

If you have already ordered DoorDash delivery, then realize that you have chosen the wrong address. There are a few things that you can do to remedy the problem.

One simple option is to click the help option in your order tracker tab. This will take you to a tab where you will have the option to change your address.

Simply choose the correct address and update the order. This should always work as long as you catch the error in time. If you do this last minute, your driver may have to turn around and start all over.

Generally, the best thing to do if you see the incorrect address after the driver has already picked up your food. You should contact DoorDash support to fix the issue instead of doing so on the app.

You can either call the support team directly or choose the option to start a live chat. Let them know about the error, and they should be able to fix it.

The support team will most likely contact the driver directly with the new address. Your order may be a little late, but this solution should work every time if you’ve chosen the wrong address.

To avoid mistakes like this, be very aware when ordering. Make sure to double-check the address if you order from different locations.

Why Can’t DoorDash Locate My Address?

There are several reasons why DoorDash might not be able to find your address. Many are easy to fix once you know what the issue is.

It can come down to forgetting that you have ordered from a different location. Or a simple error when putting down your address.

Either way, it is usually an easy fix. Especially since you can easily contact DoorDash support for additional help and information.

Address-related problems are very common on the app and can usually be fixed within the hour. So that you can be guaranteed to get your food.

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