Does DoorDash Pay If You Don’t Get Orders?

Does DoorDash Pay If You Don’t Get Orders?

There are going to be dry days as a DoorDasher where you won’t get any orders. This is especially true if you live in a smaller area. You may go a lot of days without orders.

Before you become a DoorDasher you should find out the policy for payment on the days when you don’t get orders.

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Will DoorDash Still Pay Me If I Have No Deliveries?

No, despite what some believe, DoorDash does not pay you if you don’t get any orders.  As an independent contractor or gig worker, hence the name, you are paid per delivery that you do. So if you have no orders, there is no pay. 

Why Am I Not Getting Orders?

You are not getting orders and you probably aren’t sure why. It could be that no one is currently placing orders with DoorDash in your area. Some days orders will come in slow and other days there will be no orders at all.

Maybe someone beat you to the few orders that were placed. DoorDash sometimes pre-schedules more people than they really need for the amount of orders that are coming.

Certain times of the day and days of the week are dryer than others. You may not see a lot of orders come in if any at all on a Tuesday morning. It all really depends on the restaurant and possibly some other factors.

You could have too many complaints or violations and DoorDash has removed you from their roster. DoorDash will likely give you a notice if you are in violation of any policies. Even if they don’t you should be aware of any mistakes you may make that could result in the canceling of your contract with DoorDash.

If you have been late making deliveries six times over the last two weeks this could be the reason you aren’t receiving orders. DoorDash may choose to suspend your account or provoke your ability to receive orders. I don’t know for a fact that this is how DoorDash operates but it’s worth looking into.

When you do get deliveries, 100% of the delivery fee goes to you.

Are My Earnings Guaranteed with DoorDash?

No, no earnings are guaranteed with DoorDash. As a gig worker, you get paid for the work that you do. With DoorDash that work is making deliveries.

If you don’t make any deliveries you cannot get paid. Rumor has been saying that you will receive $10 an hour if you don’t get orders. This has not been confirmed by DoorDash.

In fact, DoorDashers have said that when they didn’t receive orders or make deliveries they didn’t get paid. This makes a lot of sense being that a Dasher’s pay comes directly from the placing of an order.

DoorDashers are paid with the delivery fees and tips from customers. So if you haven’t had a delivery you can’t expect any pay or compensation for work that you did not do. It’s that simple. Really with DoorDash nothing is guaranteed and pay is at the top of that long list of things.

What Should I Do If I’m Not Receiving Orders?

If you aren’t receiving orders you should try to find out why. Do some reaching out to DoorDash support and ask good questions to find out what exactly is going on.

The support person may tell you that it’s a glitch in the system or your account has been terminated. Regardless of the reason, you ought to want to know why you aren’t receiving orders.

There could be too many workers working at a certain time and they are beating you to the orders.

If you have been terminated you can battle back if you don’t think the canceling of your contract was right or justified. Not sure this is going to do you much good but it’s definitely worth a try.

At least once you get to the bottom of why you’re not receiving orders you can move forward with making an informed decision.

Take into account if you live in a smaller area where orders are slow about coming in anyway.

Will DoorDash Pay Me If I Don’t Handle Any Orders?

Long story short, you will not get paid by DoorDash if you don’t receive any orders at all. This is because you are paid on a per delivery basis and with any orders you are definitely not making deliveries. Therefore, you will not be paid.


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