How To Get Free Delivery On DoorDash?

How To Get Free Delivery On DoorDash?

So you heard that DoorDash offers free delivery but every time you go to order you are charged a delivery fee. Now, you want to know how you can get free delivery on DoorDash.

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How Do I Get Free Delivery On DoorDash?

There are ways you can get free delivery on DoorDash. One way is to be a first time customer. If you’re not a new customer you can still get free delivery by spending a minimum of $10 or $15. You can also get free delivery when you subscribe to DashPass.

Do All Restaurants Offer Free Delivery?

No, all restaurants do not offer free delivery. There are some places such as restaurants or cafes that offer free delivery regardless of what you order or how much your order total is.

With that being said, not all restaurants offer free delivery. Some restaurants will require you to make a minimum purchase before you can get free delivery. While others don’t offer this option at all.

This means that your order can be $150 from one place but if they don’t offer free delivery at all you will not get this option. You still may find yourself spending a lot of money at places that don’t offer free delivery because you are hungry or really like their food.

After all, a delivery fee is not a deal breaker. You obviously want and prefer free delivery but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to not order just because you have to pay a delivery fee. This may be a deal breaker for some people however so it’s good to know when you can and can’t get free delivery with DoorDash.

If free delivery is very important to you then you should do what it takes to get free delivery. Even if that means dodging your favorite restaurant and ordering from another less popular restaurant that offers free delivery.Sometimes this is how businesses promote and get people to order from their business. You should take advantage of the free delivery options with certain restaurants.

I’m a New Customer, Why Is DoorDash Charging Me For Delivery?

DoorDash has a promo deal where new, first time customers get free delivery on their first order. You are supposed to get this free delivery regardless of your order total or what restaurant you order from.

However, something may have gone wrong where you are not being offered free delivery. First make sure or double check even triple check that you are indeed a first time customer. Sometimes we sign up for stuff and as time goes by we forget that we ordered that one time.

If you are not a brand new customer you will not be allowed to get free delivery with DoorDash. DoorDash is strict on this policy and if you’ve ever ordered with DoorDash, even 5 years ago, you are not considered a new customer. And therefore you will not get free delivery.

Another reason you may be being charged for delivery is because someone else used your account. You probably are not the one who placed the order but maybe you have a little brother or sister who is always sneaking into your things. Is it possible that they placed the order?

Again, if your email was ever used on a DoorDash account and an order was placed under that account you are not eligible for free delivery with DoorDash.

How Do I Get $7 Off DoorDash?

As you can imagine, the free delivery as a new customer does have some setbacks. You can’t order up $200 worth of food and still get free delivery. It seems that with DoorDash you have to stay within a certain total for your order to be eligible for free delivery.

However, if you are a brand new DoorDash user and your order is over $15 you can get $7 taken off of that order. It’s not that simple though. You must remember to use the code USAFFIL7OFF.

Without this code you will not get free delivery. Even if your order meets all of the requirements you will still be charged a fee when you forget the promo code.

$7 off may not be free delivery but it can be an easy way to save money on your order.

Is Every Order Free Delivery With DoorDash Pass?

No, not every order with DoorDash pass will give you free delivery. The minimum order amount has to be at least $12.

How Can I Get Free Delivery With DoorDash?

You can get free shipping with DoorDash if you sign up for DoorDash, are a new customer, place a minimum order of $10 or $15 and order from a restaurant that offers free delivery. These are some of the main ways to get free delivery.

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