DoorDash Active Time vs Dash Time

DoorDash Active Time vs Dash Time

Active time means the time spent actively working. Meaning from the time you accept an order to the time you fulfill it. Dash time is simply the amount of time you spend dashing such as the time you logged into the app until the time you log out of it.

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What is The Difference Between Active Time And Dash Time?

Active time is the time you are working on an order. It starts when you accept the order and ends when you deliver the order. Yes, DoorDash tracks and keeps up with all of this. So if you accept an order at 4:30 pm, your active time starts now.

Then that active time keeps on ticking until you get to the customers house and deliver the food. When you mark the order delivered your active time will stop.

However, your Dash time will keep going. Dash time is a little more simple to understand because it is the time that you log into the DoorDash app all the way to the time you log out. When you sign into your app you are logging in to begin dashing. If you sign out, it is likely because you are done working and are calling it a day.

Active time and dash time are two completely different things. They are not the same.

Is Active Time and Dash Time Important?

Active time and dash time is important. The information that can be found from looking closely at active time and dash time is interesting and can really help a dasher out. It has been said that active time and dash time can actually play a big role in helping you to see if dashing is worth your time.

You can see how much time you’ve been idle and how long you have actually been waiting on an order. How cool is it that DoorDash allows you to see this all on your platform? Sometimes, Dashers spend a long time waiting for an order to come through.

They may actually spend more time waiting on orders than they spend making deliveries. It is likely this hasn’t been noticed by the dasher as of yet. The best way to find out just how long it takes for you to get a call for an order is to check the stats.

The active time and dash time comparison will help you to check this. Keep in mind, you don’t get paid to sit and do nothing or even to sit and wait on orders. You only get paid when you deliver orders.

So any time spent idle is not helping you make money. If you spend a lot of time waiting on orders then your pay for the day is going to be meager. For all dashers, the time they wait on orders is unproductive and doesn’t help make money.

Here is the real DashPass Cost.

Why Is Active Time vs Dash Time Good for California Dashers?

Prop22 makes it necessary for California dashers to understand the terms active time and dash time. It becomes necessary because the law guarantees 120% of the minimum wage for each hour of work. There’s a catch to this however.

The hour that you receive pay for has to be spent making deliveries to customers not simply waiting on orders to come in. So when you are having to wait long periods of time for orders to come in, California residents aren’t going to receive that 120% minimum wage.

Based on active time and per Prop 22, if you work more than 15 hours for DoorDash you are entitled to the health insurance stipend so that is another way these calculations can help you. However, you always need to make sure you are looking closely at the active time since this is what everything is based on. It seems that dash time doesn’t play a super big role in these calculations for California dashers.

Does DoorDash On Time Matter?

DoorDash On Time does matter to a certain extent. It is always important to be on time with a delivery to a customer. This is one good way to keep them coming back as a return customer.

When a DoorDasher is late delivering someone’s order it can make the customer angry. They’ll usually take their business elsewhere and go to another delivery app like UberEats, GrubHub or Postmates. DoorDash doesn’t want this to happen so they came up with a DoorDash On Time guarantee to make sure the orders get delivered in a timely manner.

There is not a minimum requirement for DoorDash On Time/Early Rate delivery. However, dashers are responsible for making sure the orders reach the customers and are completed on time.

When the active time is too high, this could result in some late delivery violations. Since active time is when you actually are out delivering an order this is the time it takes you to deliver an order. DoorDash gives an estimated time of arrival and if a dasher arrives much after this time it is considered late.

Being late on one order, one time does not lead to deactivation on the DoorDash platform. However, what does lead to deactivation on the DoorDash platform is the constant being late and arriving after the expected arrival time. This leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth and makes them not want to do business with DoorDash.

DoorDash is not going to take losing customers easily.

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