Is There A DoorDash Dress Code?

Is There A DoorDash Dress Code?

Many jobs have a very clear dress code. Some require professional attire or a specific uniform.

But how exactly should you dress when doing DoorDash deliveries?

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What is the Dress Code When Doing DoorDash Delivery?

DoorDash only has a dress code requirement for its special program DoorDash Drive, which is for qualifying drivers on large orders. These drivers are encouraged to “dress to impress” and must wear close-toed shoes. All other drivers can wear what they like, but should be clean and reasonably professional.

What Outfits Are Recommended?

DoorDash drivers themselves recommend wearing clothes and shoes that are comfortable for doing a lot of walking, including up and down stairs. Overall, your appearance should be clean and appropriately professional.

A good rule of thumb is to consider what the customer will think about your appearance. How would you want your delivery driver to be dressed?

Some specific recommendations include a polo shirt, or some other comfortable but reasonably tidy-looking shirt, and any pants, shorts, or skirt that again, are comfortable yet somewhat professional. Clean and comfortable walking shoes are also recommended.

A branded DoorDash t-shirt is a great way to project the fact that you are a dedicated professional. It also makes it quick and easy for the people working in the restaurants you are picking up from to know that you are there for a DoorDash delivery, which might speed up the pick-up process.

What Clothes are Not Recommended?

Some people have shared that overly revealing or unprofessional clothing (such as tank tops, halter tops, shorts, or flip flops) are discouraged. Also, sandals, heeled shoes, or other difficult-to-walk-in shoes would not be recommended because of comfort and safety issues due to the amount of walking you will be doing.

Of course, anything with holes or tears, stains, or potentially offensive language or images would not provide the clean and professional image your customers expect. (Restaurant owners probably would not appreciate them either!)

Finally, clothing that will not stay comfortable for the weather conditions and activity level, such as clothing that is not breathable or stretchy enough, will not be enjoyable for doing DoorDash deliveries. For these reasons, you likely will want to avoid polyester and other manmade materials, as they are typically not breathable, as well as heavy or stiff materials (unless it’s very cold), such as leather or certain heavy denims.

Does DoorDash Provide Clothing?

While DoorDash does not provide clothing for free, it does have an excellent assortment of branded clothing available for sale on their website. This includes t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, beanie or baseball caps, pullover shirts, and even socks and touchscreen gloves.

These are all excellent additions to your delivery wardrobe. Though they are not required, they would certainly help you stand out as a clean and professional DoorDash driver.

What about Fashions and Trends?

It’s important to keep these tips in mind even as trends come and go. Midriff-bearing shirts and pants with big rips in them may be trendy in some areas, but they may not necessarily appeal to your customers, especially on their food delivery person.

Even though being a DoorDash driver is a fun and relatively easy-going job, and of course, you are working as an independent contractor, it’s always important to remember that you are still doing a job. Use your judgement to decide if that extra trendy outfit is suitable for a DoorDash delivery, or if it’s best to save it for a night out with friends.

Does What I Wear for DoorDash Delivery Matter?

Your customers want to feel like their food is being treated with care, and how you present yourself contributes to their overall impression of how well that is being done.

When you eat, you probably expect that your food was always handled in a very clean manner and that all best practices were followed. If you saw that the restaurant or staff were dirty or unprofessional, it would likely raise unsettling questions about how clean and safe your food is to eat.

Likewise, if a delivery driver appears unkempt, unclean, and/or unprofessional, the customer is liable to be worried that something may be wrong with the food they just spent a lot of money on, which they had formerly been looking forward to eating.

Once someone starts looking for something to be wrong, they seem to be more likely to find it. Instead of having an overall positive impression of their delivery and meal, once they start to have a negative impression they are more likely to notice additional things to be negative about and to complain about.

On the other hand, if they are pleasantly impressed with your professionalism (a part of which is your dress, hygiene, and overall appearance), this can help them see their delivery and meal in as positive of a light as possible. Even if there is something about their meal to complain about, at least they will have a positive impression of you, their delivery driver, as long as you presented yourself in as professional a manner as possible.

What Is the Ideal Outfit for DoorDash Delivery?

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the ideal outfit for DoorDash delivery would probably be a DoorDash or other polo shirt, very clean and well-fitted (i.e. not baggy or too tight, and also not too long or too short) business casual or nice-looking athletic pants, very clean walking shoes, and a DoorDash or other clean baseball cap, as well as a mask if it’s appropriate in your area.

This will give you the optimal balance of having a clean and professional DoorDash driver appearance, while also providing practical comfort and sun protection as you make your deliveries.

How Should I Dress When Doing DoorDash Delivery?

Most DoorDash drivers can dress as they choose, assuming they are clean and look reasonably professional. DoorDash only has a dress code requirement for its DoorDash Drive program, which is for qualifying drivers on large orders. These drivers are encouraged to “dress to impress” and must wear close-toed shoes.


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