Dasher Must Be Active To Schedule Dashes

Once you think you are ready to accept DoorDash orders, you might get the message: “Dasher must be active to schedule dashes”.
dasher must be active
“Dasher must be active to schedule dashes”

What does this mean and how do you fix it?

In this article, we will explain how to address this issue so that you can get going with scheduling your DoorDash deliveries.

We also have a page dedicated to the most common Doordash issues.

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What Does “Dasher Must Be Active to Schedule Dashes” Mean?

“Dasher must be active to schedule dashes,” is a frustrating message that most likely means something is incomplete with your application. Make sure you have completed the DoorDash sign-up process, including activating your Red Card, and if you are still getting this error message, reach out to DoorDash support.


A DoorDash driver is considered active when they have fully completed DoorDash’s sign-up process, which includes activating their Red Card and having your background check completed.

You will know you are officially active once you receive a welcome email from DoorDash that says that you are an active Dasher.

Doordash Error: “Dasher Not Active”

Even before you are fully, officially active, you may still be able to do a limited amount of DoorDash deliveries.

However, to actually schedule your delivery times, you will need to be fully active in DoorDash’s system.

Some DoorDash drivers have shared that you can try clicking Dash Now or Instant Dash to do some deliveries before you are fully active, though this may not work in all areas.

In fact, part of the process on DoorDash’s website for becoming active actually includes completing your first delivery, before you receive your Welcome Kit with your Red Card.

How Do I Become Active for DoorDash?

To become active for DoorDash, you must carefully and thoroughly complete all of DoorDash’s sign-up steps.

It is not difficult, but you must be sure to not skip or forget anything.

These sign-up steps start with:

  • filling out your Dasher profile on their sign-up link, including your phone number and email address.
  • Next, you’ll create your profile information, which is your name and your password.
  • After that, you will select your vehicle type and vehicle details, if applicable.
  • The next step will be to consent to a background check, a vehicle check if applicable, and sign any additional disclosures and authorizations.

You will then be able to add your bank account information. At this point, you can download the Dasher app, if you haven’t already, and even start your first DoorDash delivery!

It may seem a little out of order, but, according to DoorDash’s website, you’ll be asked to provide or confirm your mailing address for the Welcome Kit (with your Red Card and insulated bag) after you complete your first DoorDash delivery.

I Completed the Sign-Up Process. Why Am I Still Not Active for DoorDash?

It’s important to double-check the steps for signing up for DoorDash and ensure that you have, in fact, completed them all. The steps that commonly get overlooked or take extra time are activating the Red Card, and waiting for your background check to be completed.

doordash schedule not working

If you believe all of these have been completed and you still have not received your welcome email, you can reach out to DoorDash support to determine what the problem might be and to enlist their help in determining how to resolve it.

Why Would I Become Deactivated for DoorDash?

Some DoorDash drivers shared online that they actually became deactivated after they had already been DoorDash drivers for some time. According to DoorDash’s deactivation policy, there are several reasons this may have happened.

Some reasons that a DoorDash driver may get deactivated is if they get poor customer reviews (below 4.2 average), customer complaints, or low order completion statistics (below 80%).

DoorDash also updates their background checks occasionally, so even if you passed your original background check, if something has come up on your background check since then, you may be deactivated.

A DoorDash driver can also be deactivated for any breach of the DoorDash contract. This includes disclosing personal information without authorization, unsafe food handling, such as opening packages, being late with your deliveries too often, inaccurately marking a delivery complete, abusive or harassing behavior toward customers, or restaurant or DoorDash personnel, and of course, any fraudulent or illegal activity.

In some cases, it may have been a glitch in DoorDash’s system.  In these situations, it is definitely best to contact DoorDash support to uncover and resolve the issue.

Can I Become Reactivated After Being Deactivated for DoorDash?

If you have become deactivated from DoorDash’s platform, they do have an appeals process that you can follow in certain cases. The email notifying you that you have been deactivated will also contain a link and instructions, if applicable, for the appeals form, which you can also find here.

It is important to fill out the form completely, and follow all instructions carefully. Include any evidence available, such as photos or screenshots, to support your case.

Remember to be clear, concise, and professional. It will not help your case to be rude, angry, or to tell a long, confusing story.

Also, do submit your appeal as soon as possible for the best chance of remembering all of the key details for your side of the story. After submitting the appeal form and evidence, you should hear back from DoorDash in a few days.

If your deactivation was due to poor ratings or a low completion rate, however, it is unlikely that DoorDash will accept your appeal, as their deactivation policy specifically states that these reasons for deactivation are not open to their appeals process.

Dasher Must Be Active to Dash

The maddening error message, “Dasher must be active to schedule orders,” usually means something is incomplete in your application. Verify that you have completed the DoorDash sign-up process and activated your Red Card, and if you still get this error message, reach out to DoorDash support.

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  1. I have been a dasher for about 3 years. Suddenly this morning, I have the message above for the first time ever. I am active; I am a top dasher at the present time. I have to assume the app is having problems ?

    • Same here, I’ve been dashing for about 4 years and was dashing all day and stopped to pick up my son. Tried to continue and I’m getting this. & side bar we have the same last name lol.

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