DoorDash Ate My Food

DoorDash Ate My Food

Did a DoorDash driver eat your food? You aren’t the first one to experience this. This is actually becoming more common than it should be.

In fact, 1 in 4 Food Delivery Drivers Admit to Eating Your Food. Can you believe that? Well, it’s true.

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What to Do When DoorDash Eats My Food?

So DoorDash has been eating customer’s food and delivering it to customers still. When DoorDash eats your food you should tell the delivery driver to take it back with them if you notice it before they leave. Then you should definitely report the incident to DoorDash.

Don’t allow the DoorDash delivery driver to get away with eating your food. This is wrong and they should be punished accordingly for stealing.

How Does DoorDash Deal With Drivers Who Eat Customer’s Food?

It is unclear how DoorDash deals with policy violations such as mishandling food or tampering with the customers’ food. One can expect that the DoorDash driver who eats your food will be fired at the most and not allowed to work for DoorDash again.

This removes the issue completely but they may also compensate you for your troubles. It could come in the form of a refund, credit, or free meal. Regardless of how they compensate you, the driver who does these things should be fired.

It is expected that DoorDash may or may not be lenient when it comes to such incidents. They could provide a warning or two warnings before terminating the person. At places like DoorDash, it takes a few complaints to get a driver out the door.

Why Do DoorDash Drivers Eat My Food?

A lot of DoorDash drivers say they are tempted by the smell of the food. About 30% of people surveyed admitted to taking a bite out of the food they are supposed to be delivering to customers. This is a disgrace.

Talk about someone being hungry. You may wonder why the DoorDash driver doesn’t just buy their own food with the money they receive from delivering the order. They may not be able to eat while on the clock.

If they can find time to eat other people’s food then surely they can find time to buy their own food. Another reason a delivery driver may eat the customer’s food is because they are upset about the tip. If a driver is unsatisfied with the tip they have received then they may eat the food out of spite.

It should be a way to hide the tip from the DoorDash driver because this seems to be a big problem area for a lot of delivery drivers with DoorDash. They don’t think they are being given large enough tips to compensate for their time or how long their drive is. This is something that DoorDash needs to fix to eliminate these kinds of problems.

Is It Okay for DoorDash Drivers to Eat My Food?

No, it is not okay for DoorDash drivers to eat your food. In a study that was done on delivery drivers, some customers said that it was no big deal for drivers to eat some of their food but others said that it was completely unacceptable for delivery drivers to eat their food. I say it is completely unacceptable because the DoorDash delivery drivers are not supposed to tamper with the food in any sort of way.

No one in their right mind would want to eat food after some stranger has put their hands on the food.

Most people don’t like for others to touch their food so this would make them angry to know that their food has been eaten by total strangers.

You never know if a person has washed their hands or done something disgusting with their hands before they touch your food. Again, this is unacceptable behavior today.

What Can I Do About the DoorDash Driver Who Ate My Food?

When a DoorDash driver eats your food, don’t accept the food. Give it back to the driver and tell them to take it back where they came from. Then you should call DoorDash headquarters and file a complaint on the driver who ate your food.


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