How Long Does it Take for DoorDash to Pay You?

How Long Does it Take for DoorDash to Pay You?

DoorDash is a great option for anyone looking to make a steady stream of income. It can be an easy side hustle or a part-time job depending on your needs.

But how long does it take DoorDash to pay you? This is an important detail and one that you will want to understand before starting work.

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How Long Does it Take DoorDash to Pay You?

Doordashers typically get paid within 2 to 3 days through direct deposit. This is done on a weekly basis for all deliveries and orders that have been completed.

The direct deposit takes 2 to 3 days of processing time and will appear directly in your bank account.

This is very useful for anyone who needs or wants to be paid on a weekly basis. Making it easier to keep track of your earnings throughout the month instead of having one large, monthly payment.

Does DoorDash Take Any of Your Money?

Because DoorDashers are independent contractors and not employees. DoorDash will not take any money out of your paycheck for taxes.

This is a good thing since you can take full advantage of tax deductions for things like gas expenses.

Because you do your own taxes, DoorDash should not take any money out of your check. If you notice any issue with the amount, you should contact their support team to figure the issue out. As that is not a typical thing.

Does DoorDash Hold Your First Paycheck?

DoorDash will not hold your first paycheck, and you should be paid your first week of work. It may feel like they are holding it, but that is just the processing time.

You will get paid every Monday morning for the prior week’s work. But you will have to wait a few days before seeing the money in your account as there is processing time involved.

After you reach a threshold of 25 deliveries, you can start to use fast pay in the app. This allows you to get your money instantly whenever you want it. Instead of having to wait until Monday for your paycheck.

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How Often Can You Take Cash Out?

When you begin working as a DoorDasher, you can set up fast pay in the app. This will allow you to get paid as frequently as you like.

You will have to have a debit card to use this feature and will need to link it to your bank account. Once you have done this, you will be able to get paid as frequently as you like.

Fast pay does have a $1.99 fee, so it may not be a good idea to use it for smaller earnings. As this small fee can add up quickly over time.

Fast pay takes just minutes to transfer your money, though your bank might take up some processing time.

If you do not use fast pay, you can expect to get paid by direct deposit once a week by DoorDash. This will not create any fees and will be in your bank account within a few days.

Does DoorDash Reimburse You for Gas?

doorDash does not reimburse its DoorDashers for any gas expenses. This is something that you will have to cover out of your delivery earnings.

This is where tips become so important since most of your tips will be going strictly to covering gas expenses. That is why many DoorDashers do not deliver orders that have no tip or a small tip.

You will have to become choosy about the orders you take to avoid paying for gas out of pocket. You can do this by choosing orders close by you or only taking orders with a tip of $8 or more.

You can also take out tax deductions during tax season. As gas can be seen as a professional expense since it is a big part of your job when delivering.

When Will DoorDash Pay You?

DoorDash has very reasonable pay times and will pay you on a weekly basis for the prior week’s work. This will be in your bank account and ready to use within 2 to 3 business days.

The schedule is that they will pay you every Monday in the morning. You can expect to see your paycheck in your account on Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you want to get your pay faster throughout the week, you can always register for fast pay. To do so, you will need to have completed a minimum of 25 deliveries.

Fast pay will allow you to take out your earnings any day of the week and get them instantly. There may be an occasional lag if your bank takes longer to process payments.

The downside to using this option is that there is a $1.99 fee. But it is still a great option if you are in a pinch for money and need to take out your earnings earlier.

This makes DoorDash a great option for anyone looking for a weekly-paying job.



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