Why Is The DoorDash Driver Not Moving?

Why Is The DoorDash Driver Not Moving?

You probably keep an eye on the DoorDash driver’s every move when you place an order. That’s because you’re probably hungry and just want to make sure your order is in transit and makes it to you on time. It’s okay, we all do it.

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Why Is The DoorDash Driver Not Moving?

The DoorDash driver could be still for a number of reasons. One reason may be because he is stuck in a traffic jam and can no longer go anywhere. He likely has to wait for traffic to start moving again.

Why Is My DoorDasher Taking So Long?

Your DoorDasher could be taking so long for a number of reasons. One reason could be he is a slow mover and doesn’t get in a hurry or rush about anything. He’s probably standing around in the restaurant having conversations with the workers or even other delivery people.

They do those kinds of things sometimes. Especially when they are sent to a small family-owned restaurant where everybody knows everybody. It’s kind of hard not to start a conversation while waiting for the order to be created.

Another reason your DoorDasher may be taking so long is because he has stopped using his phone. This could be to make a phone call and it is taking longer than expected or it could be a text message conversation that is also taking a while to end.

It is not unusual to see drivers using their phones while they are driving but some people will actually pull off the road to use their phone and while this is safest it should only be done by a Dasher in the case of an emergency.

The DoorDasher could be having car difficulty or dealing with a flat tire. He should call someone to pick up the order and make the delivery but he may not be thinking right at the moment. Or he could be stuck in traffic and unable to move along.

What Are Dashers Doing When They Aren’t Moving?

There is really no telling what your Dasher is doing when they aren’t moving. They could have had a wreck or car trouble and had to stop and wait on help. While it may seem like someone else could bring your order this would still take time if they’ve already picked the order up.

They may not be moving because they have decided to pull over and take a nap. Maybe they didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before or they have some sort of medical condition where they have to stop every so often to sleep. Who really knows?

Based on some of the recent complaints, I would say that another reason the Dasher may not be moving is because they are somewhere enjoying your food. Yes, Dashers have been reported because they have eaten people’s food.

Some Dashers take the food because it is so enticing and they want it for themselves. So maybe they don’t have any intentions of delivering your order in the first place.

Lastly, there could be a serious glitch in the DoorDash system or platform that is showing the driver as being stagnant when he is indeed moving. We all know that DoorDash is famous for glitches and system hiccups.

What to Do When My Dasher Isn’t Moving?

Stay calm if your Dasher isn’t moving and try to get to the bottom of the issue. If you have the contact information for your Dasher where you were put in contact with him it may be as simple as shooting him a text and asking for his location.

If you don’t get a response or the Dasher hasn’t reached out with updates at all you should call DoorDash support and report the issue. It’s likely nothing that DoorDash can’t help you fix or take care of.

Why Is My Dasher Not Moving?

If your Dasher is sitting in traffic or just being still and not driving towards your home he is probably distracted with something like being on the phone or sending a text. Also, it could be a glitch in the system and the driver may actually be moving.

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