How to See Address Before Accepting DoorDash?

How to See Address Before Accepting DoorDash?
When you work for DoorDash you will have the option of choosing what orders you will and won’t accept.

You may be wondering how you can go about seeing the address before you accept the order. This method works on Android and iPhone.

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How Can I See Address Before I Accept A DoorDash?

It is very much possible to see the address of a DoorDash order before accepting it. All you have to do is go into the address widget when you receive notice of an order. DoorDash obviously knew that this would be the only fair way to do things.

No one should have to commit to something before knowing the facts and details.

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Do I Have To Accept All DoorDash Orders?

As a Dasher, you will have the ability to see the full address of the customer who ordered in the widget.

This is very helpful because there are some orders in areas where you may have to drive far or you may not be comfortable going to that area.

  • Whatever the case or reason, you do not have to accept all orders.
  • If someone tells you that you have to accept every order that comes your way, don’t believe them.

First of all, it would be pretty impossible to accept every single order that you receive even if you work quickly. Each order is going to have different distances and specifics that you may not be able to handle.

For example, you may have two orders come through that are in the same area, maybe a block apart.

Both of these orders have to be picked up 20 minutes apart and it takes you 45 minutes to an hour to get to the area from the restaurant. To add to it, both customers ordered from restaurants that are both 30 minutes apart.

In order to reach the customer with the order before it is deemed late you would have to choose one order and let someone else grab the second order. There will be similar circumstances like this and you won’t be able to accept all orders anyway.

So do not feel pressured to try and accept all orders. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the correct address.

Does Acceptance Rate Matter on DoorDash?

Yes, acceptance rate does matter on DoorDash. It seems that you are only penalized for declining orders based on how many orders you accept and then drop. I don’t think it counts if you decline an order from the start.

As a Dasher there are going to be orders that you can’t or don’t want to accept. You shouldn’t be penalized for this. However, I can see it being a problem with DoorDash if you are a serial decliner.

If you are always declining orders it’s going to be a bad look for you. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to accept all orders but you shouldn’t decline most of them either. You should actually be accepting more orders than you decline.

DoorDash will start to think that you don’t really want to work for them and that you are just skipping out on orders without good reason. While they don’t ask you for the reasons why you decline an order, it’s good practice to only decline within good reason.

As far as acceptance rate is concerned, it will affect your ability to become a DoorDash Top Dasher. I’m not sure what the benefits of becoming a Top Dasher are but I’m sure there are some sort of incentives for people who reach this ranking.

The good thing is that acceptance rate will not affect how many orders you are offered. You will still get many offers as they become available. If you do not, just know that it has nothing to do with your acceptance rate.

Here is what to do when you get the “Dasher must be active to schedule dashes” message.

How Long Do You Have to Accept a DoorDash Order?

If you are on an order and a new order comes in you will have 45 seconds to decline or accept it.

That’s not a whole lot of time but this prevents orders from being held up in the que. If you want the order, accept it if not move on quickly.That’s how that works.

DoorDash is a fast paced environment and you can easily tell this from the time you are given to accept an order. It’s likely that they are trying to keep their deliveries rolling and moving smoothly so you have to be quick if you are planning to get a lot of orders in.

Can I See the Address Before I Accept the Order?

Yes, you can look in the DoorDash order widget and that will show you the full address of the current order as well as the location of the pickup restaurant. This will be very similar whether you are using an Android or iPhone to view and accept or decline orders.

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