Why Isn’t DoorDash Delivering?

Why Isn’t DoorDash Delivering?

It’s a strong possibility that for one reason or another you can’t place an order with DoorDash. Sometimes DoorDash doesn’t deliver.

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Why Won’t DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash is not delivering because they have a shortage of Dashers who are available to work at the moment. Another reason DoorDash may not be delivering is because there is something wrong with the system that is not allowing new orders to be placed.

Can I Still Place An Order With DoorDash If They Aren’t Delivering Right Now?

No, you cannot place an order with DoorDash if they aren’t delivering at the moment. You will have to wait until they start back delivering to place your order. The only way to know when they are back up and running is to keep checking back frequently.

It would be very surprising if the system were to let you place an order while they aren’t delivering. If it does you could still place an order but there is no guarantee that you would get the order. When DoorDash isn’t delivering there is likely something going on to prevent that.

So in most cases, the system will not allow you to place a new order when they aren’t delivering. However, there may be some sort of glitch in the system that allows orders to slip through. If I were you I wouldn’t try to place an order if it says they aren’t delivering.

What Are Some DoorDash Alternatives?

DoorDash is not the only food delivery service out there. There are a few other alternatives to DoorDash that you may have. You could place an order with some of these alternatives.

The three DoorDash alternatives that you can choose from are:

  • GrubHub
  • Postmates
  • UberEats

GrubHub will deliver food to you from some of the top food chains in your area. This is a very good alternative to DoorDash but they work somewhat the same. GrubHub has an app that will allow you to place orders with the restaurant of your choice.

If you have a GrubHub in your area you should definitely give them a try. This delivery app has a GrubHub guarantee that you will get the lowest prices and your delivery on time or they’ll make things right for you. That is a great guarantee to have!

As you can imagine GrubHub beats DoorDash’s prices. Then you have the Postmates delivery app. A big plus with this app is they have an unlimited membership package that gives Unlimited members unlimited free delivery.

This means that even if you place six different orders in one day, you will never pay one penny for delivery. It is definitely worth looking into and considering. Especially if you order food from delivery apps quite often.

While UberEats is a DoorDash alternative, they sometimes experience the same kind of downtime as DoorDash. So UberEats may or may not work for you but you could give them a try as well.

Why Am I Not Getting Delivery Opportunities?

If you work for DoorDash you may have noticed that you aren’t getting any delivery opportunities. You may be pre-scheduled to work on this day but you aren’t getting any opportunities still. This could be for various reasons.

One reason you may not be getting delivery opportunities is because you really aren’t on the schedule like you thought you were. You could have got the days and times mixed up and therefore you aren’t supposed to be working.

There could be some sort of an outage that has the entire app down and no orders can be placed at the moment.

What Can I Do If DoorDash Isn’t Delivering?

There’s not much you really can do if DoorDash isn’t delivering. You may have to go pick the food up yourself. However, this may not be an easy thing to do if you are without a vehicle. Even more so if the restaurant you were hoping to order from is far out.

You could use one of the DoorDash alternatives. There are some really great alternatives out there. This may actually be the best thing to do because DoorDash is not the best delivery app there is. Apps like GrubHub and Postmates may be more fitting for you and your pockets too.

The last thing you can do if DoorDash is not delivering is find a restaurant that has their own delivery system going on. If you can order directly from the restaurant this could be a great thing for you.

Why Can’t I Get A Delivery From DoorDash?

It’s possible that you can’t get a delivery from DoorDash because they aren’t currently delivering. Why they may not be making deliveries is unknown and could actually be a number of different reasons. One reason could be that they don’t have any DoorDash drivers.

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