Can You Doordash with a Baby or Child?

Can You Doordash with a Baby or Child?

If you are thinking of becoming a DoorDash deliverer, you may have a few concerns. One of which could include whether or not you are allowed to DoorDash with babies or children.

This is a common question, especially among deliverers with young children. If you want to Dash but can’t leave your child alone, you are probably wondering if DoorDash allows you to take your kids along.

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Bringing My Child When Doing DoorDash Deliveries

There is no DoorDash policy that says that DoorDashers cannot bring their children with them. Unlike other delivery services, which prohibit anyone from driving with you.

DoorDash is very lenient and doesn’t seem to care if you bring your kids. As long as the orders get delivered.

This is one of the huge benefits of working for DoorDash, as they are less picky about how you do your job. They don’t care if you’re DoorDash with others as long as the job gets done.

Some other delivery services are far less lenient, which can be hard on deliverers with younger children. Taking away some of the benefits of being able to work as an independent contractor.

DoorDash Safety With Children

Generally speaking, it is usually safe to DoorDash with your children. You will want to take certain precautions of course.

If you DoorDash at night, it is not a good idea to take your kids with you. It interferes with their sleep for one thing. But also creates more danger when out and about.

The biggest thing to worry about is when you leave the car to deliver the order. This leaves your child alone.

You will want to lock the doors and park in an area close to the address. Close enough to watch the car if at all possible.

You will also need to make sure to teach your child not to open the doors or wander off. If it is a hot day, jeep the car running or take them with you to deliver the order.

If you do these things, your child should be perfectly safe when they DoorDash with you.

Is There an Age Limit on Who I Can Bring With Me When DoorDashing?

DoorDash does mention anything about driving with others when doing DoorDash deliveries. So they also don’t mention any restrictions on how old your child has to be.

This is great news for deliverers with babies or small children. Especially if you are put in a spot where you need to work but can’t leave them by themselves.

This means that you can take your children to go DoorDashing with you. No matter how young or old they are.

This can make becoming a Dasher much more realistic for many parents with children. It can also make your job a bit more entertaining as you have company with you.

Why Do People DoorDash With Their Kids

If you can’t really imagine why anyone would want to take their kids DoorDashing with them. There are a few common reasons why people would choose to do so.

One is the most common, and it is because many people are either single parents or both parents work. Meaning that someone has to take their child along if they can’t leave them by themselves.

Older children can be left alone sometimes, but younger children and babies need to be with someone. This provides the perfect option for the parent to work while getting to take care of their child.

Other reasons might be because their child wanted to go with them or they planned on doing something together after making a delivery.

But there are plenty of other reasons why parents might choose to take their kids along with them.

Bringing a Friend When Working for DoorDash

Because DoorDash has no policy on Dashers driving with others. You can take anyone that you want with you when making deliveries.

You could bring anyone that you wanted to along. Whether that be a sibling, parent, friend, or child. There are no limits here.

You may want to bring someone along for the company or if you are making late-night deliveries. And are scared to go alone.

No matter the reason why you may want to drive with someone else. You are free to do so unless the DoorDash policies change. Because, as of right now, they don’t care who you take along with you if the orders are getting delivered.

Can I Bring My Dog When Making DoorDash Deliveries?

You actually can, bring your dog with you when making DoorDash deliveries. Should you? Probably not.

Does DoorDash say anything about driving with pets? No, it doesn’t.

People often take their dogs with them when driving places, so it is a reasonable idea that some drivers may want to bring their pooch. Is it the most professional thing to do, probably not?

Even if your dog is amazingly well behaved and stays in the back seat away from the food. There are many customers who would be very put off if they saw that their food deliverer was driving with a dog inside the car.

This is understandable as dogs can be messy and might contaminate the orders. Some customers might even be allergic to dogs.

This is why it probably isn’t the best idea to take your dog along with you when delivering orders.

If too many drivers started to do that, eventually there would be complaints. Which would probably ban drivers from driving with anyone, animal, or person.

Taking Children On Deliveries

Thankfully, DoorDash does not have any policies around drivers taking their children with them on deliveries. This makes it easier for parents to work for DoorDash. As a Dasher, you can take as many kids as you like at any age, even a baby or toddler.

There are no official doordash restrictions, so you will not get into trouble for bringing your child with you.

This is perfect for when you can’t leave your child alone or just want to make a few extra dollars per day.




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