Grubhub Driver Not Moving

You’ve been craving your favorite restaurant all day and finally ordered it on Grubhub. But as you wait for the order, you notice your driver isn’t moving.

Before you freak out, consider why the driver is stuck. Sometimes, it may be their fault, and they could be doing what they can to get you the food you ordered.

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Why Isn’t the Grubhub Driver Moving?

A Grubhub driver might not be moving because the restaurant is still working on your food. It could also be that the driver is stuck in traffic or the weather is bad. Drivers also might have vehicle issues slowing them down.

grubhub driver not moving

As annoying as it is for customers, the driver could also be using other apps. That means they might have an order for DoorDash or Uber Eats at the same time as your order.

Why Grubhub Drivers Get Stuck

Grubhub drivers can get stuck for a variety of reasons. Maybe their location just hasn’t updated, and they’re closer than you think.

However, the following reasons can be the cause of a significant delay in your order.

The Restaurant Is Behind

Consider if the Grubhub driver’s location is the restaurant you ordered from. If so, the restaurant is probably still making your food.

Unfortunately, restaurants get behind, especially during the lunch or dinner rush. They might not always get a chance to pause Grubhub orders, so you could end up waiting a while.

When this is the case, the driver has to stay at the restaurant until they get your food. Then, the order should move much more quickly.

There’s a Lot of Traffic

Another reason a Grubhub driver might not move is if they’re stuck in traffic. This can happen during the morning or evening rush, especially if their route goes with the flow of most other cars on the road.

A driver might also get stuck in traffic if there’s construction. The driver may need to find an alternate route if they can’t get through a specific street.

So they may have pulled over to look at the map in more detail. Consider the time of day and if there’s any construction near you that could affect the driver.

The Weather Is Bad

Of course, you might also notice your driver isn’t moving if it’s storming out. You probably ordered delivery because you didn’t want to drive in bad weather.

That’s a good decision, but you still have to wait for the Grubhub driver to get to you. If the storm is especially bad, the driver might have to go more slowly.

They could also get stuck in traffic, especially if the weather has blocked some of the roads. So be patient, and your food should get to you eventually.

grubhub driver car broken

The Driver’s Car Broke Down

It might not happen that often, but the driver’s car could have issues. Maybe they thought they had enough gas to complete your delivery but didn’t. Or perhaps they ran over something and ended up with a flat tire.

If the car breaks down before they pick up the food, the driver should unassign the order. On the other hand, if it breaks down a block away from you, they might deliver it on foot. They could also ask someone to come pick them up to help complete the order.

The Driver Is Multi-Apping

A lot of people will use more than one gig app to make money. When you use two or more apps at the same time, you can increase the chances of always having an order.

Now, the gig apps don’t like when drivers use multiple apps. However, they can’t always prevent it from happening.

If your Grubhub driver isn’t moving, they could be working on an order from another app. They might be waiting at the restaurant or trying to contact the other customer. Grubhub can also stack orders, so the driver may have another order for Grubhub to deliver first.

They’re Waiting at a Gate

Consider if you live in a gated community or your apartment building requires a code to enter. If so, your driver might be waiting at the gate or door. When this happens, they’ll usually send you a message through Grubhub.

Be sure to check your messages to see if the driver asked for a code to get inside. You can give them the code, or you can meet them at the gate or door.

What If the Driver Never Delivers Your Food?

Sometimes, the Grubhub driver might not get to deliver your food. Maybe they decide to steal it, or perhaps traffic gets so bad that they can’t get to you. Either way, you can contact Gubhub to ask for a refund.

Why Would a Grubhub Driver Not Be Moving?

A Grubhub driver might not be moving because they’re waiting at the restaurant. Bad traffic and poor weather conditions can also cause delays. So can getting stuck at a gate to enter your neighborhood or apartment. Keep those things in mind if you notice your driver isn’t moving.

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